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WP Pro 6 Piston BBK with E Brake, Introductory pricing

For those who have placed orders your kits will be shipping this week. We have 3 more full brake kits that can be ready to ship within a week, anyone who orders while stock is on hand will have minimal wait time. Email for quickest response at [email protected]
For those who ordered kits, please post pics here once you get them installed!


We are going to go ahead and have WP start the 360mm kits. Limited time special pricing will be available on the 360mm kits as well. PM or email for the quickest response.
Don't miss your chance to get in on the free EX-6R caliper upgrade. The EX-6R is one of the lightest production 6 piston calipers on the market weighing in at only 5.8lbs!! This is a $1700 upgrade WP is offering the NSX community FREE. This is for a limited time only, once WP decides to end the promotion I will no longer be able to offer it.

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WP is ending the free EX-6R promotion as of Jan. 5, 2014. Any orders placed before 11:59pm Jan 5 will be eligible for the EX-6R upgrade, after that it will be a $1700 option for a complete car. For now the discounted pricing of $4500 will still be available. Don't miss your chance to get the free EX-6R caliper upgrade and discounted pricing, if your on the fence get your orders in before Jan 5th!!
What are the ceramic brake rotors in comparison to the OEM brake rotors in terms of weight differences?

Are the pads for the ceramic brakes specific to that rotor or can one choose to have something else like EBC Yellows?

The ceramic rotor and hat weigh in at 9lbs, that is for a 360x30mm rotor. The ceramic rotors use a ceramic specific pad, I believe there are a few available compounds for the ceramics.
We have a couple ceramic kits being built right now, if your interested drop me an email, I can get you the best possible pricing since we are already having a couple ceramic kits built and we can just add it to the order. The ceramics also get a completely different hat design from the standard EX-6 Kit.
how much wider are these calipers compared to oem calipers?
I am not sure of the exact measurement compared to the OEM caliper, because they are wider but also further from the hub. Send me an email and I can help you determine if your wheels will clear. Thanks
<img src="http://www.nsxprime.com/photopost/data/500/Full.jpg" />

<img src="http://www.nsxprime.com/photopost/data/500/Wedsport.jpg" />

how do you like the new setup?
Is that rust???? ghetto racer fanboy.....lol.
Coming soon to an NSX near you, full carbon ceramic rotor and EX-6R caliper. If the rotor is good enough for Koenigsegg, its good enough for your NSX. We also have various carbon ceramic OE replacement and OE upgrade kits for Porsche, Lamborghini, GTR, Ferrari and more. PM or email for inquiries.


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Also interested

The carbon ceramic kits aren't simply a new rotor. The carbon ceramic kit requires a whole different rotor hat, pads and hardware. They also default to the EX-6R caliper. It is basically a whole different kit. Carbon ceramic rotor hat

how is the performance of the carbon kit vs the standard kit? Do they have to warm up before they perform their best?
Alright guys, WP Pro has let me know that as of Monday March 17 at midnight the discounted pricing of $4500 will be coming to an end. Any orders that are placed before then will still get the promotional pricing, but it will no longer be available as of Monday.
Emailed for measurements. Thanks

I emailed you the clearance sheet. Today is the last day of the discounted pricing. 360mm kits are available as well. The 360mm kits are a 150 per rotor upgrade. Email for quickest response.
I added one order for stock before WP ended the discounted pricing, so we can squeeze one more in at the discounted pricing. Email if you want to grab the last discounted set.