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center console

  1. Joa

    Interior BOSE radio + Center Console + AC Control Unit + AC Comp Assy

    BOSE radio $1k + Center Console $300 + AC Computer $200 + AC Control $100 (Florida) SOLD Re-doing interior and have a couple of USED parts up for sale. All parts are USED and are from a 1992 NSX LOCATED IN SOUTH FLORIDA: 1) Bose radio head OEM $1,000 + shipping SOLD - Part Number...
  2. sylcurt

    Center Console and Shifter Boot

    Center console ***sold***. Thank you Never installed, selling exactly as I received it, which is in primed condition. I would say it likely needs a bit of sanding before final paint coat for a perfect finish. I bought this console right here on Prime from a member from Europe who made this...
  3. FS IL: 02-05 Center Radio Console, Vent, Ashtray Lid Set

    SOLD Name: Jason Location: Palatine, IL Contact: PM Price: $675 Shipped SOLD Hello all, I have for sale a center console, center vent, ashtray lid and cigarette lighter trim that specific to model years 02-05. Everything is in good shape with normal wear throughout and no cracks. Check...
  4. NSX'er

    OEM center console

    I decided to buy a double din that retained the factory ash tray from Rick Ko at Euroboutique and no longer need this. I purchased this one from member Michael Adams a few months ago with intentions of butchering it into a double din!! But figured since these are discontinued, I would buy from...
  5. Interior '91 center console needed.

    Need a replacement center console for my 1991. There are two cut joints in mine from the previous owner.
  6. Pole2Flag Carbon Fiber Center Console

    Hey Primers! I'm back! I guess it's true - you can never truly leave the NSX ownership experience! I owned a 1996 Berlina Black NSX-T about 7 years ago, but I'm now the owner of a 1993 coupe, also in black. It's been a long journey since my first NSX as I've gone through many newer cars since...
  7. Zette

    NSX center console trim for sale - from 1997 NSX-T

    1997 NSX-T black center console trim, very good condition, from my NSX-T. Didn't realize that the center trim does not include the vent which was drilled in for an old school phone connection on my car so I installed a replacement center console trim and have the extra same piece. $150 plus...
  8. Centre Console with Double Din cutout OR radio delete

    Looking for a replacement center console. Need it in either double OR in radio delete (but preferably not stock). Let me know your price shipped to Toronto, Ont.
  9. wide91

    [EOI] OEM Quality RHD Double Din Center Console

    Hello Nsxprimers, My name is Lee a long time lurker, first time poster from Sydney. This is my fourth year ownership of a 92 NSX which I am in the process of restoring/updating to bring it back to its former glory. I’ve been burnt twice trying to locate a RHD double din center console that...
  10. My personal Double Din Console journey

    I posted some of these pics in the photo gallery with what I did to accomplish it. Hope it helps someone attempting to cut up their existing console. If these stock consoles were plentiful, it would make the process a lot less stressful:-). I had one shot basically to do it right and thankfully...
  11. Interior Center Consol LHD

    Hi , I'm looking for an OEM Center Consol for a 1994 NSX ( LHD ) in perfect condition Please PM me if you have this parts to sale Thanks Regards
  12. Center Console Inquiry

    Has anyone had any experience with the following individual? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLcWAL-dYNQ I found it online and it is what I am looking for. A Double Din console with the ash tray in tact. The video and any info on it is extremely vague and looks to be possibly across the pond...
  13. imflipside

    Centre console paint colour

    I've used search but didn't find what I was looking for; I think the OEM center console originally used some kind of metallic film instead of paint for colour because it's "blistered" a bit in places. I'd like to remove it and paint the console, but I want the OEM color (I have a '91 with a...
  14. PhAnToM

    Interior WANTED - Center Console Components (newer models - Bright Brown)

    Hey fellow members! I'm looking for center console parts and components. I don't need the center console itself, I just need the parts associated with it, like coin tray, cigarette lighter components, ash tray door (inner/outer portions) etc. Must be in excellent - almost near new condition...
  15. PhAnToM

    Interior FS: SoCal - CF Center Console w/ NSX-R shift boot

    *PENDING SALE* Hey everyone! I'm selling my center console with an NSX-R mesh shift boot and a free Nitto sticky pad. This was my "for-the-meantime" replacement until I was able to piece together a new oem center console. This console deletes the radio and was intended for anyone who removes...
  16. comptonassdaniel

    Carbon Fiber Center Console from sduffass

    Just bought a carbon fiber center console and vent from Stephen. He kept me posted the whole way. I'm impressed with the quality as well. Feels a lot heavier and sturdier than stock. My original unit was cut by the previous owner and was broken in half, so I went this route. It took a...
  17. NSXFXL

    Please Help Diagnose Problem.

    When key is turned to: Ignition position 1: Sound alerts that the door is open (door is open) until door is closed. None of the instrument gauge cluster lights lit on. Ignition position 2: Still No Gauge cluster instrument lights. Ignition position 3: Instrument Gauge lights lit on , engine...
  18. Nero Tenebre

    Interior OEM Center Console Modified for Single DIN

    77296-SL0-A01ZB PANEL, CENTER CONSOLE 001 1995 NSX $836.57 List $300 OBO. OEM center console that was modified for a flip-out Alpine Head Unit. Can be modified as necessary fit your head unit or cut for double din application or filled in for a stereo delete. Most importantly, no...
  19. Timeless1

    Interior- Center Console & Vent

    Need in good condition OEM center console & center air vent. Make me an offer. Thx Hensley
  20. OneRedNSX

    Interior Center console for project - damaged ok

    I need a center console for a project because I don't want to destroy a good one. I really only need the lower half (from the ash tray to the arm rest section). I do not need the ash tray, shift boot/trim or aspirator fan (but do need the coin tray). If you are selling a whole one with a bad...
  21. ca2822

    OEM Center Console

    I have a used OEM center console that I don't need any more. Some scratches and peeling as shown in pictures. Perfect for a refinish or custom job. No broken tabs. Ashtray and cigarette lighter assembly included. COIN TRAY AND TEMPERATURE SENSOR FAN/ASPIRATOR NOT INCLUDED. Asking $150 shipped...
  22. nspec

    so the center console trim is broken in half

    guys at work were trying to remove the a/c control unit and broke the dam trim in half. it broke off at the curve, at the two thin parts. any body has had this happened to them before? any instructions on how to remove them properly? i'm gonna attempt to repair it, a brand new one from a...