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timing belt

  1. B

    My mis-adventures in engine-out maintenance...

    Semi-experienced shade tree mechanic here taking some time to tackel some deferred maintenance on my 1991 Formula Red NSX. Had the car since the end of 2020 and finally figured it's time as the weather is no longer freezing here in the PNW. This will include the timing belt, water pump, all...
  2. N

    Timing belt change mechanic in Sydney

    Hi. Anyone had his timing belt changed by a top mechanic in Sydney? My 1991 needs doing at 90,000km and 8 years since changed Thanks.
  3. F

    Mid-Atlantic NSX-approved Dealership?

    Hi All, New member, and hoping to be more involved in the community soon. I had a newbie question....is there a list of dealerships that are known to be "good" (is there a Honda/Acura certification for techs?) at dealing with 1st gen NSX's? I need to have some service work (coolant hoses...
  4. R

    Timing belt last drive?

    Looking purchase a nsx from California and drive it back to the east coast, timing belt was done in 07 or 30k ago will the car make the drive? I plan on changing when I make it back, just don't want to haul the car. Any input I'd greatly appreciated!
  5. P

    Timing Belt on a 2003 NSX in NY

    Hey everyone I have a 2003 NSX and it has about 32k on it .. trying to find a reputable mechanic who is NSX proficient to do the work . Any suggestions on where to go ? I live in Long Island NY . Thank you !!
  6. N-Wing

    If you broke a timing belt, how many miles were on it and what age?

    I'm trying to get a feel how badly I should get my timing belt change. I generally go strictly by mileage and not age. That may be poor which is why I asking this question (I wish I could poll it somehow but maybe I will summarize the thread later). I have 2000 with 52k miles. I'm trying to...
  7. 03 raw nsx

    Interference Engine?

    Does anyone know if the NA2 3.2 engine is an Interference Engine?
  8. tfx121

    Timing belt replacement on Long Island?

    Thinking it might be time to swap out my timing belt ('05 w/ 17K miles). Any mechanic on LI that might be good for this? I was thinking of going to Island Acura in Wantagh, they did my battery replacement last year, nice and easy, but that was a much easier job...
  9. K

    Time to replace timing belt ?

    Would appreciate your thoughts and advice. I have a 2000 NSX with 27,000 original miles on her. I rarely track her and drive more "constrained", with only the occasional red-line shifts. Acura recommends changing the timing belt at 7 years, regardless of miles, obviously I'm well beyond that...
  10. jcabral

    02 NSX with 21k miles Replace Timing Belt and Water Pump just because?

    I have an 02 with 21k miles and just wondering if I should just replace the timing belt and water pump just because its 10+ years of age. I Had the Acura dealer go thru the entire car and they say its in terrific new condition. I am not a DIY mechanic so not sure if they were even able to exam...
  11. E

    Need part numbers for a complete timing belt kit job

    Hello Guys: I have a 1999 NSX with 30k miles. I need a list of part numbers and a trustworthy store to place the order online. Hope you guys could help me with this information. thanks a lot!
  12. gt_nfr

    Timing Belt & WP - Rear belt cover issue

    Hey guys, I'm about 75% done with the TB and WP maintenance. So far, I've decided to replace everything included in the 90k service pack from Dali plus another $500 worth of seals, timing belt tensioner, new fuel filter, and new harmonic balancer. Along with some special tools, my total parts...
  13. gt_nfr

    45mm Crank Pullet Tool - Where to find

    Hey guys, In the middle of my TB/WP change. I originally began with the basic 90k maintenance parts list from Dali [Excellent service btw] and added a new tensioner, oil pan gasket, and new harmonic damper. I've tried ordering the 45mm Honda crank pulley tool from multiple places and its...
  14. randomharmony

    Powertrain WANTED: OEM Water Pump, Timing Belt, Cam Seals & Gaskets

    Rebuilding my motor and looking for OEM C30A Water Pump, Timing Belt, Cam Seals & Gaskets. Feel free to email or call me @ 408.480.3886.
  15. nsxrtd

    NEW genuine Honda NSX Timing belt, Water pump, Seals and Gaskets

    Sold. Please remove. NEW HONDA GENUINE 1991 and up: TIMING BELT - 14400-PR7-A01 WATER PUMP - 19200-PR7-A03 TENSIONER (does not say HOND but BY KOYO MADE IN JAPAN) - PU246531RR9F GASKET - 90401-634-000 pair GASKETS - 19222-PR7-A02 O RING - 91318-PY3-000 2 NUTS - 90049-PH7-000 7...
  16. Track Junkie

    CT Timing Belt Tensioner

    Comptech rigid T-belt tensioner with welded "arm", never used. My price: $249; Asking: $199. Photos of this and other related parts here: http://dbmpub.home.comcast.net/ or here for Flash version: http://dbmpub.home.comcast.net/NSX_P...ectflash=false Note: Price excludes buyer-paid shipping...