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1988 Chrysler Conquest TSI cream puff

4 May 2003
I used to own one in the early 90's. Love this car. It was my first car. Had to buy another:) Been looking for a looooonnnnnnng time and finally nabbed a good one. This car may not be expensive, but it is very rare, and I just love the styling lol. very 80's hahahah. it's a 1988 Conquest TSI (same as Mitsubishi Starion), 5 speed manual, rear wheel drive, 1 woman owner, 38k miles. hope you enjoy the videos.

Exterior Walk Around (out doors)

Exterior Walk Around (indoors)


Dash Close Up

Engine Bay

I plan on taking a video of the interior once its cleaned up...weekend

miss the nsx too btw lol
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Wow - that is quite a find! I owned exact car back around 1990 (except black on black) - very advanced for the day with turbo, intercooler - the car was just flat out fast and nimble. Thanks for sharing, it brought back good memories for me. Enjoy - great find with single owner and that mileage!
Always loved the Conquest. Really cool looking car. The styling even holds up today. Does it have any issues for being such low mileage?
Nice find.
I have a friend that has a very nice one, same color. He spent about 2 years installing a Buick 3.8 GN motor. It looks factory installed. He's offered a ride but having owned a few GN's, I'm a bit skeptical being such a small car.
One of the worst accidents I have ever witnessed was a Chrysler conquest that hit my parked 71 Mach 1. The conquest was brand new to the point I found the window sticker laying on the road with particles of glass still attached to it. The guy had to be doing a hundred miles an hour when he hit the mustang. He then pushed it up a small hill and through a front porch And into the living room of my buddies house. The guy survived, amazingly. He was thrown from the car and down the bank on the opposite side of the road. I have a picture perfect image of him in my mind cresting the knoll of the hill on foot and for some reason he had steam rising off his body. It may have been the dew as it was about 6am when it happened. He was the salesman of the week at the dealership where he worked. The salesman of the week got a free car to drive for the week. After the accident I heard he lost his job.
Oooh, very nice.
Never knew chrysler had that.....I only remembered the starion:biggrin:

Those reminded me of the early supras, even down to the wheels

I want to pick up a clean one someday

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This is a thing of beauty. Great color. Leave it factory - just as it is. It's a time machine. Congrats!
Had a 83 Starion in High School. It was pretty awesome. I'd love to pick up a later widebody, but they're mostly all beat to hell.
I had an 89 fiji blue conquest tsi(last year made), and i've hated everyday since i let it go. Had a factory sunroof and all!!!! Been holding out for an clean 89 Starion ESiR.
this the nsxprime of the conquest/starion world.
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Looks mint, enjoy it.

I saw one of these recently for sale and was debating it but after driving it vs all the modern cars out there I was left so unimpressed that I passed. The last thing I need is yet another car to look and not drive. I had previously purchased 2 rare finds from my youth, a 1986 944 Turbo with 60k miles and a 1996 Talon TSI AWD with 51k and sold both a year or so after buying them and drive them only a few times each. Cool cars but more fun to look at than drive IMO of course.

Ive been looking for a few cars recently, trying to start doing a little collecting. I'd like a 3rd gen RX7 next or something like that but with ultra low miles.
That is an awesome car, and the condition wow....Always thought these looked nicer than the supra, I had a 86.5 Supra model. Enjoy that little blast from the past......