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ACG(S) Fuse blowing - Service Manual in FIle?>

22 October 2001
Newport Beach, CA USA
Hi Helpful Folks -

I have a problem where my fuse #18 in the Main Fuse Box is blowing when I turn the ignition on, in the 1991 service manual online here it looks like that fuse is for:

-Security Control Unit
- Voltage Regulator(s)
- PGM-FI Main Relay

Does anyone have a newer service manual (1997+) that can tell me if in later years that fuse also control TBW (throttle by wire) , as I have no gas pedal with this fuse blown.


I don't know if #18 powers the TBW system on a newer car. Try unplugging the green connector on the alternator and the brown connector on the main relay and turn on the key and see if the fuse blows. If it does not blow then reconnect the alternator connection and try again. My guess is its the alternator.
Hey thanks for the help . . I ended up fixing it . . it was a long story but 18 also powers thge PGM-FI, so I think one of the stock injector connectors had shorted out against an intake manifold stud.

The stock connectors arent being used right now.