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AEM TCS on FI ...

5 September 2000
Today I got back from another dyno session, and want to share few things. I run 337hp and 300tq on 9psi. Taking it slow... but after talking to Mark in Turbotrix I found out that AEM's NSX is running TCS very well and they had some fun testing it.

In the shop they have twin turbo Viper that they setup TCS and he told me that no additional hardware is needed. It uses rpm against speed and it pulls back timeing. All gear ratios have to be setup and it works very well. Those guys at turbotrix are awsome, and I would recommend then to everyone.

I'm just wondering did anyone got hands on the config file with TCS configured from AEM ?? I guess once you get the config file you can just copy the TCS section ?

On another note (intake air temp)looking at other cars they did, he pointed out very good idea. To have AEM use NOS inputs to control methanol cooling sprays and have separate map once run out of methanol have engine light indicator light up and drop/trash that map automatically and just use your regular fuel map. It is all doable with AEM ECU.

I just didn't know that there are so many features that we don't use.

I don't know whose car it is in there shop but they had red NSX with cartek twin turbo kit being installed. Is it anybody’s from this forum?




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That may be Nero's car. He bought my setup. Tim
hey wire.....what turbo? what turbo...you still havent said what size....looks nice though...TONS of torque
I had mine done there awhile back. I will be back up there in a few weeks to get the new setup tuned. You are right, Mark really knows his stuff when it comes to the AEM.

I think my turbine is too small and it is making tq and not hp. It is .65 turbine housing and I got it when I had idea of small setup 6psi. But will be upgrading to .83 or .86 this month.

Rob, you mean you have the TCS configured? How is it working? I remember you wore in high 400's in your setup :)

Had it working and wound up pulling the TCS computer out. I didn't want the TCS to kick in under NOS. I will PM you when I come up and we can hook up for lunch while they are dynoing the car.

Yes that red nsx is mine. I bought Tim's twin turbo setup off him and it should be done hopefully by tomorrow. Last thing they were waiting on was for some test pipes. Did they ever fix that pothole in there driveway yet!?! Did you get a chance to see how that one little hole cracked my brand new 98 JGTC bumper and in turn pushed it into my drivers side fender! Im still quite fumed about that whole matter. But that aside they sure do know what there talking about.
Jeff, your setup looks very clean I liked it. I seen the front bumper with the fender bent in. Grrrr... I hope everything will work out.

Rob, Yes I would like to get together when you will be there. Send me e-mail when you will be going there :) See you there.