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air leak in drivers window

31 January 2002
Raleigh, NC
hello all, i am noticing a rather annoying air leak in the drivers window. not extremely bad, but loud enough to annoy. my guess would be the weather stripping isn't creating a tight enough seal. but it looks like it's in pretty good condition. also, when i wash the vehicle, water come through near the mirror and some from the top of the window of both doors. any easy fixes? anyone else experiencing this?
The windows need to be adjusted. The procedure is described in the body section of the service manual (pages 20-13 through 20-17 in the 1991 manual).

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My passenger side window does not go all the way down. About a quarter inch is above the door. The dealer said if they adjusted it then I would have a gap at the top when the window is closed. Is this true? It annoys me the see that small bit of glass when it's down.