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ANY NSX owners in TAMPA, FL or Central FL?

10 February 2005
Greensboro, NC
Just looking to meet some other owners, I've seen a couple of NSX's running around here would be nice to know the owners! :smile:

I'm in Sarasota. The next time you Tampa/St Pete guys have your cars out, drop me a PM and I'll drive up. I've had my car 2+ months and haven't seen a single other NSX in that time. :(
Good morning fellow Tampa bay NSXers!!

I'm in Clearwater. I've seen quite a few NSXs on the road around this area. The Florida NSX club (www.nsxflorida.com) is a pretty strong group with the current president of the NSXCA hailing from Orlando.

I attended a florida NSXCA meet last year in Orlando and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately I missed the winter gathering.

If the weather allows and there is enough interest perhaps we could put together a Tampa Bay area meet. Maybe we could get some of the Orlando guys to come this direction for a change.
I'm over in Riverview. Just got my car back on the road after CCU repair. I'd be up for a GTG.
Welcome Xluder - as suggested by Motegi - join the club! The NSXCA membership will also get you in the local Florida chapter, all for just $40/year.
You will get emailed for the local events (which are great, btw).
click here to get started!
I'm sure several of us Orlando owners can come over...Any excuse to drive the NSX (more than every day :biggrin: ) is a good thing.

Last year we had a large brunch get together in August... maybe in Tampa this year??? Who's going to set it up??
i'm not in fl. but hey i'll be visting at the end of this month in sarasota. i think its about an hour away.
Welcome. I live in Temple Terrace and have an office in north Tampa. Just found out by accident that one of my neighbors in my subdivision also has an X. In fact, he lives about two blocks from me. Count me in for a get together.
NSX Tuning and Speed Shop owner here.

Lets get something together. Meet at the shop then dinner/drinks at the new Green Iguana off the Veterans. Its a 1/2 mile from the shop.
There are several of us in Melbourne, that would probably attend. I believe an Orlando event is currently being planned. I spoke with the organizer yesterday, so I am sure something is coming together.

Sounds like we all need to get out and socialize!

I can be the "Do Boy" if you guys want to set something up.

How about a general meeting place. Some are from the south and Tom and Joe are on the east side of Tampa and Jerry is in northeast Tampa.

A few usually meet at Quaker Steak & Lube on 49th near US 19 on Thursday evenings. They rope off an area for the car clubs. I can call ahead and keep us all together in the parking lot. I know its a school night, but they have good food and alot of car junkies hang out there.

Or we can set up a Saturday or Sunday. Gim'me some feedback for a day and a place.
Whatwasthat said:
How about a meet around Ft DeSoto and cruise around the bridges. I'm up for any weekend.
Count me in.

As for weekday nights, that's a maybe from me since it's gonna be more of a drive. I'm jones'n to see another NSX though so...
We would love to have you attend Todd, so a weekend it shall be. Do you guys want to meet for a Sunday Brunch or an early Saturday dinner?
I will be a bastard and invite myself.

Dinner/brunch whatever sounds great, but the group drives with scheduled stops for pics etc etc are the best (meal of some kind to be scheduled as one of the stops of course) My $.02 I would be down for anything that involves the X's

I have a measly S2000 so i will run in the back if I am allowed to attend :)
helll yeah dude i ride with s2k's...... so any dates??? i'll be down the last week june
Who has the new orange NSX in St. Pete riding around on 4th street?
Are you here??

Lets plan something for near the end of June, around 4th of july weekend, so more ppl can attend.
hey that sounds good. i need to get outta sc soon
IMO 4th of July weekend may be bad for some because of pre-planned events.

Want to set it for the following weekend?

Since many are coming from all over, a central Tampa location seems to be the only logical place.
How does Sunday brunch sound at the Marriot Tampa Airport. Food is excellent, view is excellent (rooftop continuously revolves 360 degrees every hour) and I can have parking set aside for us.
Castaways on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Another excellent brunch, but parking may be a bit tricky because of limited space.

Primogen & I are checking out some areas for a drive and photo opps afterwards.

Lets hear from you on the above choices.
Count me in, last event I did was at Friday's out on N dale Mabry. We had about 6 cars. Umm how about something out at the HardRock>???