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Anyone can recommend a place in So Cal to install coilovers?

10 February 2001
Southern California
Is there any good places in So Cal that can install, tune, and corner balance a coilover kit for my car? I installed eibachs and bilsteins on my car and the front would rub at full lock, and the rear has some negative camber. The purpose of getting coilovers is so that I can get the car as low as possible without 1)rubbing in the front, and 2) retaining OEM alignment specs. The dealer recommended Johnson's Alignment and said that they were very reputable, however, when I called them every sentence ended with a "but we don't guarantee anything". Thanks.

Take it to a place that works on modified NSX's all the time.

Take it to the best: Basch Acura Service at Dali Racing in San Diego.

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