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BIG thanks to Charles Hart & John Zahn

26 February 2006
Alki Ave. Seattle - Lynnwood, WA - Monterey, CA
WOW! :smile: What a service! Too much details! Big thanks to Charles at Acura of Lynnwood for helping me w/LMA issue. Also big thanks to John at ZahnTech for getting my valve adjustment done. My car now runs like new. I am very happy w/both service centers and glad that I have choices. It is also nice to know that these guys are competing for our business and willing to go extra miles for us. I think we(NSX owners) are winners!
It is a hard sell. John Zahn has done me very well:biggrin:with the nsx,jag and audi a4. But if charles can throw in the #15 for voting delegates. Then look out Mr Zahn. there might be a new sheriff in town:eek: