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C6 Z06 test mule at the strip?

22 November 2002
Newport News, VA
I found this on another forum. Pretty interesting. It certainly LOOKS like the next Z06, although I don't see why GM would take a test mule to a public track and allow it to be filmed :confused:

Anyway, click on the thumbnail to see the vid.

First off, what tag do you use to do that thumbnail thing

Second, I don't know how much I'd trust that site. It has a video of a "F50" that is a "F40" that looks/sounds like a kit car
Well, the site is just a free place to host vids, so I doubt the video with the "F50" has anything to do with the Z06 video. Different people post them on the same free host site. That's all.

And as you play a video, the code for the thumbnail is right beside it.
dave22 said:
I have no idea why the yellow was so much faster than the black one. Maybe it was modded?

Was it just me or does it seem like the white 97-99 coupe consistently gets out to the best start?

They should let that guy try driving the zo6!
Still works for me
The link works again....thank you. :)

Not a bad way to show off your neew car to a target market...take it to the drag strip with them, kick their butts, and let them know the car will be for sale soon if they want to be fast again. LOL!! :D