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Can you powder coat exhaust pipes?

19 December 2004
Glastonbury, CT
I am not a chrome fan and was wondering if anyone has powder coated exhaust pipes. Most specifically the portion past the 'mufflers' which one might see. I have a bit mental issue with wanting Gunmetal Gray on everything....

I don't know about powder coating the tips haven't try it yet but I've use high heat paint on my exhaust tips and they came out amazing. Here's a picture of it painted with polish edge that I did here in my garage :biggrin:

The ceramic link was interesting. Looks like you have to send out for that though. I would prefer to do myself.

I wish I could see the high temp paint pipes better in the picks but I will take your word for it. I think that will do the job.

Thanks. I think it would look great.
When i had my RX7 with straight pipes and making 430rwhp at 15psi I did powder coat my exhaust tips gloss black.

The ONLY exhaust tips that worked (after trial and error) were these.

The reason is that the tip construction allowed the tips to keep cooler than traditional tips.

Otherwise the powder coat my start to loose it's luster over time.
Good info. If powder coat is not 100%, then paint is the answer due to easy of application. My plans are set...
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here is the real deal site for this
a quote from their site
"According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Red Savina Habanero is the hottest pepper on Earth – 570,000 on the Scoville Heat Scale. The Jet-Hot Extreme 2500 series eats these for breakfast. With cayenne pepper on top. So if you need serious heat management with major corrosion protection, bookmark this page."

here the site


I want to do it but my local guy only goes up to a certain temp in the paint. I want the extreme version but would ahve to send them off to get done which I dont like to do.
Here's my OEM 1991 muffler painted flat black.



Vs the OEM silverish color
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