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Center Console Electrical Plug (Help Please)...

16 October 2010
Upstate, NY
Center Console Electrical Plug (Help Please)...and THANK YOU BRIANK !

Brian converted my degrees C CCU to deg. F.
Had a couple issues with the bezel and a failed pc board stand-off, but Brian assured me all would be hidden.... and it is.
He provides a great service. Good communication and quick service.
And patient with me. Thanks Brian.

I've had it apart too long and can't remember if this two pin plug with just one wire connects to anything !?!
I have everything accounted for, but this is behind the radio, and there is no connection for it there.
Any help cheerfully accepted. Thanks.

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I believe that would be connector C421 which is not used. From the factory it is tie wrapped to the large stereo plug. If you want it exact i can post a picture of what it should look like.

It's not used? Any idea where the wire goes?

Cable to nowhere lol
Thanks so much Mike !
After looking at the service manual, that's what I thought it was too.

You are very welcome.

It is a one wire ground that connects to the same ground as the shields on the door amps signal wires and the bose deck.

Here ya go.


All together and happy again. I need to evacuate and charge, but the fans and display are happy again.
Thanks all and THANKS again BrianK.