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Finally, my better late than never photo shoot ...

Re: Finally, my better late than never 02 NSX photo shoot ...




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Thank you guys, I keep telling people the photos just doesn't do the car justice.
Well, I think these pics will do, Kinda!:tongue:

Brain, you deserve a lot of credits for all of these nice comments:smile: . Thanks for you time, blood and sweat to made my dream came true.

This is my third NSX, and I just love this one the most.

Buttter78, No build motor.

Tommy, Thanks man! And thanks for giving us the chance to make this car
( dream) come true for you. It was our pleasure to build.

I still dont think the pics do it justice :biggrin:

IMO, White, done right, is quite outta sight! (Ok, that was corny.)
Re: Finally, my better late than never 02 NSX photo shoot ...

LOL, you right, white is nice! I like!:biggrin:
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MYW, IS Stock! No rolling the fender, I don't want to mess with that.
btw, thanks for the kind words. I know you are a fan of my wanna be.:tongue:
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:eek: Wow, I am speechless. Flawless, that is one of the nicest NSX's I've seen. Very clean and tastefully done. Damn that is sooo sick.
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Great Shoot Bro! One of the most Beautiful NSX's I've ever seen!
Looking forward to seeing it in person. I'm certain the pics do not
do it justice! Love the pic at Speed!
96cxt, I don't think we have met yet, can't wait to see your car in person.
thank you Theo and omgnsxy for your kind words. Theo, you have one of the nicest yellow nsx on this site. I am a big fan of your car. Omgnsxy, your blk beast is so mean looking, I love it. It looks so badass.
Beautiful!! :eek:


You need to do something about the rear view mirror.

(Zoom enginnering)
Terry, I learned from the best (you):wink:. You taught me well. Now is your turn to mod your car.:biggrin:

Thanks Bro, I'm working on it.... you'll see the ghosts come out in my other thread:tongue:
Gorgeous car!!!
Car looks fantastic! Def one of the nicest ones around. :smile:
What are the wheel specs and size?