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Gauging interest for a group buy: Tommy Kaira gurney flap and kit

I talk to TK on a daily basis. It is in the works. I am trying to negotiate pricing. They are pretty strict with their pricing. I will have actual numbers soon. They may be a bit higher than I wanted them to be but we will see. I'm really trying guys.
Thanx for pursuing this one Dave ... have you a feel for timelines as yet? When appropriate could you ask if they ship direct to the UK please?

regards, Paul
Paul I can get them faster but I am trying to get one and check fit before I go taking everyone's money and ordering a bunch of these. I will have the first test model in about 3 weeks. Yes I can have one shipped direct to you.
Update: gurney flap is shipping out of Japan to me on Thursday. I will test fit and take some photos, and then start an official group buy when I have figured out shipping costs and import duties.





So I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is, it is not a 100% perfect fit. It doesn't quite follow the same bowed form of my downforce wing towards the center. It's like 90%, the width is perfect, the back fits perfect, but there is this small "gap" as you can see between the two.

If I press down with my hand (and I am no body shop guy), I can get a snug fit out of it. So some strong tape may hold it down just fine. I don't really know, I have to get a body shop to look at it but I am certain it can be made to fit perfect. If you are looking for something with zero work, you may not get it.

The positive is that the shape and quality is great. This thing looks like it would be HIGHLY functional to me. It does flare up at a pretty good angle as you can see. And... it looks just awesome. I just layed it on my wing, but painted and installed it's going to look SICK. I really really love it, it is better in person than photos.

Another piece of great news... it barely blocks any more of your rear view. I was really worried about this but the tapers at the end and the overall small height increase barely restrict any more of the view.

So I will go to the body shop tomorrow and see what they say about fitment.

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I'm in!

Can you also take a pic from behind just wondering how it fits on the back of the wing

I will have to do that tomorrow for you but I will. Looks great from the back and fits the spoiler perfectly. I was a little worried it might look "bulky". It doesn't AT ALL.
D, are you painting the lip spoiler silver? you should. :wink:

Yeah I just got it tonight and laid it on there for a photo. Of course getting painted.

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I will get a rear photo tomorrow guys. Mainly I wanted to sit and see how bad my view out the rear was. And it was really surprisingly good. I was also surprised of the angle up on the spoiler. It seems like it would create some real downforce.
OK I was going to do all that once it's painted and stuff. The thing is, I just wanted to check fitment. So that I don't tell others to get in a group buy for a part that doesn't fit. I don't want my delay of all of this to hold up the GB for everyone else. I will snap some more pics tomorrow but I am just laying the flap on there, it's not secured so it may look a bit different than the final product. But it looks great and very aggressive in person.

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One more
dave you are pretty particular...does the contrast of the carbon weave and the solid black of the lip bother you?
dave you are pretty particular...does the contrast of the carbon weave and the solid black of the lip bother you?

Doc I am painting it. I just threw it on to show people how it looks. They all should be painted IMO

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Guy I will have an exact dollar amount and painted photos including what the body says about fitment issues by early next week. I think if fit turns out to be an actual issue you should all be aware. As I said, there is a gap in there now in the center. I can force it down by hand but I want to see what the body shop says about it. It may be that it just needs a bit of trim on the outer edges. I just don't want to start a GB on something that is ill fitting. I've sent more detailed photos of the gap and fit to TK, am awaiting their response too.
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