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Had my beast Detailed

8 October 2006
Toronto, Canada
I recently had her detailed & polished, she came out awesome!!! here are a few photos to share. Wes was fantastic. I highly recommend him to bring your baby's shine back.


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Good to hear Wes has expanded his business. It has been a while (4 years) since I've seen him. His work is top notch. Here's some pics of when he detailed mine. Just day and night difference.




Car looks hot Peter.

I heard thru the grapevine that the car was wrapped matte black?
Just had my car detailed in Markham by a local detailer. It took a full 2 days. What an amazing job he did. I am not going to bore everyone with pictures of body panel work. I will however show everyone my engine bay and under the front hood as some of you have repeatedly remind me of how dirty they are. Not anymore guys. See for yourself.





Or yes, he did a full detail of the interior also and gave all leather interior "Leatherique treatmeant". It was applied on a warm day and soaked in for 8 hrs. The leather is now soft and supple.

Can't wait to show my car off at our next meet. BTW, he is not expensive at all. PM if you would like his contact. If you live in Markham/Richmond Hill area, and looking for a good detailer. I would recommend him anyday.
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Wow, Nice! one thing kinda bothered me tho was how you got soap or whatever it is all over the engine bay, all over. There is quite some electrical unit there and hope you don't run into problem down the road. If I was you I would use a high pressure air line with a air blower to blow every electrical component just to make sure there no water still left in the engine bay because it can cause some serious issue for you :wink:

Just trying to help. Looks clean tho :biggrin:
Thanks Caroline. Good feedback. I had the same concern before the foam was put on. What you couldn't see under all that foam is that alot of waterproof tape were used to cover all connectors and especially the alternator to ensure none of the seal would be breached. Took literally an hour to do this step before the foam was put on. Nevertheless, I am going to take a closer look just to make sure everything is dried properly. Good tip.
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Peter - I remember seeing your car screaming around downtown TO before I had mine. When it went by me dear the Harbour Castle, I told my buddy "I gotta get one of those.".

Beautiful car.

For some reason, I'm craving breakfast now.