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Help - front axle or suspension off by 1/4"

i agree with pbassjo. find a very reputable alignment shop and have them check out the car. I have a friend that had a similar issue in the rear of his nsx, and a good alignment shop was able to determine that a rear suspension piece was bent. (this was not visible and looked fine to the eye)
please keep us posted and good luck
Well, finally after waiting until springtime to get the new springs put on and a 97+ brake upgrade I finally took it to the alignment shop. A couple months ago I had taken it to the dealership and they checked it out and concluded that everything was normal but the real test they said as did you guys would be the computer alignment.

I took it to the most reputable alignment shop that's been around since 1981...saw a Bentley, a Porsche and a Viper when I pulled up so I thought this is good and here are the results after the alignment:

LF Camber -0.8˚ RF Camber -0.8˚

(Range -1.2˚ to -0.1˚)

LF Caster 8.5˚ RF Caster 8.6˚
(Range 7.3˚ to 8.8˚)

LF Toe 0.00˚ RF Toe 0.00˚
(Range -0.04˚ to 0.04˚)
Total Toe 0.01˚
(Range -0.08˚ to 0.08˚)
Steer Ahead -0.01˚
(Range -0.05 to 0.05˚)

LR Camber -1.8˚ RR Camber -1.9˚
(Range -2.1˚ to -0.9˚)

LR Toe 0.13˚ RR Camber 0.16˚
(Range 0.12˚ to 0.20˚)
Total Toe 0.29˚
(Range 0.24˚ to 0.39˚)
Thrust Angle -0.01˚

In the tech's words, he said he believes there is absolutely nothing wrong, no frame damage, no bent suspension, etc. as these numbers are near perfect. In regards to my issue, he explained that although the car is hand assembled, the panels are mass produced and it is typical to have a built in tolerance of about .5" (12mm). He also said for example that on the super heavy duty trucks the panel assembly tolerance is an entire inch. In conclusion I would need to take it to a body shop to have them move everything over (both fenders, headlight covers, hood, etc.) in order to align and maintain consistent hood lines if it was bothering me that much.

So in the words of goldNSX and pgilliam1 not to mention pbassjo calling it to a T in Post#20!

"....not worth it"


thanks Prime.
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