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Help! Why is My Engine Missing?

16 March 2000
Southern CA, USA
Hey Guys,

I need some help on what to do about my recurring engine sputtering problem. I bought my 95 NSX-T one year ago with 4,100 miles on it, and it's now got ~9,100 miles. It's all stock. I use only Chevron Techron 92 octane gas. Intermitently, when I acclerate in any gear there is a loss of power, feeling like fuel starvation. It cuts out then back in, then out then back in. It's most noticable during hard acceleration. This happens whether the TCS is on or off. I'm thinking there's crap in the gas tank and/or dirty fuel injectors. Ideas? RSVP...

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
Does this happen when the car is completely warmed up? (I'm asking so that we can rule out the ECU preventing the engine from revving above ~7100 RPM when it's cold, which could be described as an engine sputtering and is normal behavior.)
P.S. When I first read the title of this topic, my immediate response was, "Because someone stole it out of your engine compartment?"
I know you said that it happens even with the TCS off, but it could still be some sort of TCS malfunction? Why dont you try disabling both the TCS and BS, by using the 1 click handbrake method..
(as listed in FAQ. Where is the FAQ Nazi when you need him?)
Yes, this cutting out of the engine happens when it's warmed up.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
you can disable the TCS by pulling the plug that goes to the control relay. It is located behind the driver's seat. If you have a shop manual, it shows where it is and it is easy to pull the plug and see if the problem goes away--then the TCS is responsible for the loss of power.
I had this problem on my 92 before. Are you getting a check engine light? Although our throttle bodies are different, it may be a problem. My issue was resolved as a 'throttle body positioning sensor'. Fix was a new throttle body, as the sensors are not available from Honda apart.

-- Chris
I just had the exact same problem with my 95. I was due for a tune-up so took it into the dealer and had them change the fuel filter. They also replaced the spark coils under some kind of factory recall, the the problem went away.
Engines are really simple devices - all they need is fuel and fire. So, most of the advice here is right on track. First, check the obvious fuel delivery stuff like the filter. Then, go through likely ignition culprits. For the hell of it, take a look at your air filter as well, though it would have to be really messy to cause this.

Chances are, if it feels like fuel starvation, that's what it is.
Okay Guys,

So, the missing and sputtering still happens, with:
1) TCS and ABS inactive (1 click brake lever trick),
2) the engine warmed up,
3) no "Ckeck Engine" light coming on, but
4)I don't about the high speed fuel relay, because I don't know waht it is supposed to sound like.

So, I guess I'll bring it into Acura and have them replace the fuel filter and potentially faulty spark plugs and report back later....

Thanks for all your suggestions guys, and if you have any more ideas, don't heistate to submit them.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
It's fixed! It was the spark coils! All 6 were bad, according to Cush Acura, who replaced them using a factory goodwill deal. I paid nothing, despite my being the second owner and having a 6 year old car (only 9,300 miles).

I want to especially thank Scott Boggs, who accurately predicted the problem and helped me by providing me with a copy of his own repair receipt from Acura showing that the factory recently goodwilled the fix in his 95 NSX-T.

Lud, I recommend that this potentially difficult-to-diagnose spark coil problem be added to the NSX Prime troubleshooting section. The coils would have cost me $900 to replace, plus diagnosis time, but there's now a precedent for factory goodwilling the fix. It's hard to know how many NSXers have or will soon have the same problem, but it's certainly no a result of wear and tear, becuase my car has so few miles. Thanks to you also Lud, for putting together such a great web site.


Originally posted by NSXY:
It's fixed! It was the spark coils! All 6 were bad, according to Cush Acura, who replaced them using a factory goodwill deal. I paid nothing, despite my being the second owner and having a 6 year old car (only 9,300 miles).

This sounds exactly like the problem Ive been having these past 3 months. Dealer also hinted towards replacing all the coils, but at full gouge rates.

Do you know if the recall spans all year models or just the '95+ ones?

Perhaps its time to bring it in and get them swapped out...
Interesting as I thought it would have been a fuel problem from the way you described it. Was this a problem found on 95's or were you just unlucky?

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JoeSchmoe and Hejo,

Scoot Boggs was told it was a "smog equipment recall" by his dealer, but I doubt that's correct. I think they had Acura's factory goodwill the repairs that way. There was no recall, according to Cush Acura in San Diego. However, there may be reason for a recall, because both Scott Boggs and I have 95 NSX-Ts, and both repairs were done this year (2001). Scotts car had ~24K miles and mine had ~9K miles when repairs were done, so it is obvious that this problem is not caused by extensive use. It's clearly a design/manufacturing defect. I have absolutely no engine modifications, so that's not a potential explanation for the failure. I believe that Acura knows there's a problem, but they've not done a recall because it may be infrequently reported. I suggest that anyone havng this problem should approach the dealer with this information and respectfully request (not demand) a goodwill replacement. Obviously we have no legal rights, so I'd be concerned and polite. I'm not an original owner, and I have no warranty, yet they did the repairs and thus, I believe, set a precedent, at least with the 95 model. This may be a bigger problem than I know, if other model years are involved. Best luck.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s

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First, the bad news. Click here to read the difference between a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) and a recall. There is no recall for this problem and apparently there was no TSB issued for it (at least, I didn't see one you-know-where). Just because a problem may occur on some cars, doesn't mean that Acura is required to issue a recall, nor are they required to fix all cars that might be affected by a problem (with or without TSB). They are only required to fix problems covered under the warranty, which expires after four years. Just because one customer whose warranty expired had the repair made under goodwill, there is no precedent that requires that other customers to have similar treatment.

Now, the good news. All of that being said, Acura has often been generous in covering repairs (either in full or in part) on NSX's that are out of warranty. Bottom line is that you're not entitled to a repair, but the advice above is very apt. If you're polite (instead of demanding) and you work with your dealer to see if they can go to bat with you to get it paid for by Acura, then you may very well get part or all of it covered anyway.