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How can I update a photo in the Owner’s Gallery?

18 June 2005
Austria / Europe
Is there any trick to updating a picture in the Owner’s Photo Gallery?

I’d like to update a table with the specs of an NSX’s intake system but somehow the new table isn’t being shown. First I clicked on Photo Options / Edit Photo / Select new image and uploaded my updated photo. However, the gallery still showed the old photo for a number of days.

Last Friday I deleted the photo and then uploaded an updated photo with the same name. The gallery keeps showing the old photo. The new photo is larger (584x800 pixels and 133kb instead of 540x800 pixels and 123kb) but instead of showing the new photo, the gallery shows the old photo, stretched to 584x800 pixels. You can see the photo was uploaded on 21 Sept. 2012 but the image displayed is from 22 Feb. 2012.

If I change the name of the photo the links to it will no longer function. Is there any way to update the photo without changing its name?

i also use this to update the weights tables in my build thread and, as you, the new image version has to have the same name as the old one, which means you have to delete the old and upload the new with the same name.

After that, it takes some days for it to be updated on the thread. It wasn't like this until some time ago, it used to be instant.

This is my experience.

Because static resources like image files are cached now, if you replace one with another file of the same name it can take some time for the cache to update. If it's urgent you can send me the full URL to the image file and I can force a cache refresh for it. I just purged the one in question so you should see the current version now; if not, clear your browser cache and load it again. If it's not urgent, it'll update on its own after a few days.