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How many miles will you guys potentially put on your NSX

16 June 2000
Just wondering how many miles you guys see yourself putting on your NSX? Are some of you the pampering kind, where you put on only 500 miles a year, or the kind who puts 15,000 or more the car annually? I've seen some '91's with less than 9K and others with more than a 100K! Just for my FYI......
My 91 just turned 10K
I about cried when that extra digit showed up on the odometer!
I bought a '94 with 6k miles this past April, I now have 15K. These cars were built to be daily drivers.
I bought my 91 with 47k miles, and it just turned over 98k miles a few days before i sold it. Thats over 50k miles in a little less than a year and a half.

That included about a dozen track events (most were 2 day events), driving to and from the track everytime (except once i had to get flat bedded from buttonwillow cause i corded my tires at the track, and they blew out on the way home) it was also my only car -- daily driver!

I never had any mechanical problems, except those which i caused myself with modifications.. all i did was an oil change every 3k miles, or before each track event (whichever came first), and new rear tires about every 6-8 weeks (agressive alignment, and i drove it like i stole it.

-mike http://www.blazen.com/mike/nsx/

Have a 92, just bought it and have put on 3000 miles in about 2 months. It is my daily driver but i have also made a road trip in it nearly every weekend. I love the car and couldn't imagine not driving it everyday, everywhere

92 Red/Blk
Bought my '91 new in December 1990. Have 45K miles, most of them on the track or driving to and from the track. Averaging 5-7 track events a year during that time on the NSX, plus another 1-2 events a year on my daily driver.
I've put over 4K on my NSX since March, which is actually more than I expected to when I bought her. My annual average with my previous car was between 4K and 8K thanks to a relatively short commute to and from work...and little time to drive anywhere else. With the NSX, I can't help but take her on drives...the NSX is too awesome of a car NOT to drive daily. And I plan to have my car for a long time...so who knows how far I'll go.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."


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I bought my '91 in March of 1999. It had 15,112 miles. I drive it everyday to work and back. Fortunately for my odometer, it's only 8 miles round trip and I work all 7 days/wk. It now has 21,000 miles. It's almost time to put it up on blocks for 10 yrs.
5,800 miles in 18 months. Hey, PUREVIL, you think it was bad when 10k hit, 20k will make you cry.

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Mileage, smilage. I just turned 170,000 miles on my 1991 NSX - without a problem. My NSX's purpose always has been, is, and always will be simply to drive at will! My enjoyment of the NSX over the years overshadows any worry about any decrease in value! Take it for what it's worth, but no NSX owner should have any worry about exceeding 100K, or even 200K miles!
Sorry to be off the subject here, but just an interesting observation.
Looks like we have quite a few people that purchased their NSX during the March-April timeframe, including myself(bought mine in late March). Wonder if the summer had any influence on decisions...

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Hey Brent Cobb:

I love your response in this thread. Your 91's odometer of 170K is highest I've heard of on an NSX, and I'm sure everyone would like to know more about your experience. Can you tell us more?

How long have you had it? Are you original owner? Is there any loss in performance? How many times did you replace the clutch, if any? Have you had to do any big work, like a valve job or new transmission? etc.... Please share more of your experiences, if you don't mind.

By the way I bought my 95 in April with 4,100 miles, and I now have 7,300, so this former garage queen is being driven for a change!!

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
I also purchased my 94 on March 1st of this year with 35k. Since then, I've racked up 6500 miles. I only drive it on the weekends or after work if I get a chance. I plan on putting as many miles as I can on the car. Maybe I can catch up to Brent someday? ha, ha This car, as mentioned by others, was meant to be driven daily. I can't wait to crank on some serious miles on the way to EXPO.
Funny about all those March/April buys -- I got mine in April of this year

I usually drive mine 2 or 3 times a week to work, and any chance I get on the weekend. The car was meant to be driven -- leaving it in the garage is sacrireligious. When I see these low-mileage '91s come on the market, I feel a little sad -- it's like taking a thoroughbred and leaving him in the stall all his life -- he wants to run!

-Bob ('94 #496)
Originally posted by NSXY:
Hey Brent Cobb:

I love your response in this thread. Your 91's odometer of 170K is highest I've heard of on an NSX, and I'm sure everyone would like to know more about your experience. Can you tell us more?

I never had any real "mileage-driven" problem on the NSX. Essentially, the clutch was changed at 58K and 151K miles. (I had 93,000 miles on an OEM clutch!). Other than the "wearables", the NSX engine, tranny, and any other component is built to last. Now at >170K miles, I see no "malfunction" on the horizon. So, I'll continue driving my minimum 60 miles per day to work and back!

I have some pics/mods list posted on: http://photos.yahoo.com/techdeal
Take a look!
Well, I bought my 2000 NSX in March of this year too. I am not surprised by the March/April sales. If you think about it, there are a number of reasons. The sooner you buy it after January 1 the more you get to drive it before having to pay outrageous personal property taxes on it. Also, by March and April, the snow has let up in most places south of the Mason/Dixon line so you can bet the car won't just sit in the garage unused. I actually was planning to buy in February, but my car was used by Acura for the Detroit International Auto Show sine it was the only Yellow one on the east coast at the time (#51).

I now have 3,500 miles on mine and that includes almost 1,000 miles just driving it back from Wisconsin. A few short road trips and a handful of track events later, the leather still smell showroom new. One thing I have to say is that these cars really were engineered to be daily drivers. I have driven mine daily back and forth to work, but with a round trip commute of only 2.5 miles, mostly at 25 mph, it isn't even that much fun.

I drive the car on weekends, track events and on the occasional trip when I can. I have to agree that 100,000 miles or even 200,000 miles should be no problem for these cars. My father owned a 1968 Lamborghini Miura when I was growing up and always said that there is no sense in having a car like that if you are never going to drive it. I guess if the NSX ever sits in the garage too long and is feeling neglected, I will have to give to a better home where it will get driven more frequently.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51 Yellow/Black
got my 2000T in March or April of this year and currently have 8,900 miles on it. i bought it to drive it and to let others whom i believe will appreciate it drive it.

this morning i just took a friend's teenager for a drive over the santa cruz mtns to the beach town of capitola, had a nice breakfast overlooking the beach. when we finished, i threw him the keys and said "why don't you drive back, i'm a little sleepy"

it was **really** his face light up and then keep that nsx grin all the way home. he drove **very** carefully and asked permission to "open it up a bit" when we hit some of the straightaways.

the occasion? he's a 3.8 AP high school senior who just won an under-19 downhill biking championship. seems like a fair recognition reward, no?

i bet he'll like it even more in november after the SC gets installed ;>)
Bought in March also!

had 63K now has 68K. Previous owner did a lot of weekend trips up the coast. I know this because the first clutch lasted 45K!

I've always maintained that it's not the number of miles that matter, it's HOW HARD it was driven.

94 Red & Tan NSX 5spd
1999 Cosmos BMW M Coupe 5spd