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In-Car Temperature Sensor fixed - saved me $400!


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1 August 2008
City of Angels
I finally fixed an annoying ticking in the in-car temp blower of my MY91. It sounded like a baseball card hitting bicycle spokes. At first I thought it was a busted blower. Went to the dealer and they quoted me $300-400 (can't remember exact price because I got light-headed).

It's quite easy to remove. If you've taken apart your center console to do a radio install then you've probably already seen it.

The cause of the problem was the fan (impeller) was hitting the housing of the fan. The center shaft that holds the fan is pressure fitted and the impeller must have shifted after 18yrs. There's not much room there and tolerances are quite small. I made about a .5 mm adjustment and with some motor oil on the shaft bushings and it quiet once again.

It really was the most annoying thing ever. Nothing like having to explain on a date that your NSX is making some noise you can't figure out.

Thought this might help some of you folks. Saved me some $$$.

Estimated time: 2hrs.


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