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Lookin' at a 91 NSX in IA..Need bit help.

17 April 2001
Hello everyone!

I have found a black 1991 NSX at 55,000 miles in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The price is 30,650 (I think its excluding sales tax blah blah, so it will probably turn out to be about 32750 in the end). Ive checked out a CarFax report, and it seems good from there as well. Ive asked the dealer for some info,such as tranny number, serial nuumber, maintanence they did, parts replaced and new, etc. I went to the Used NSX checklist for these questions. Is there anyone that can help me out with this vehicle? Any one live close by to physically inspect it? please let me know your thoughts!

Greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
The NSX Club of America has a thousand members, of whom... uh... zero members are in Iowa. There's one Acura dealer in the state, in Des Moines, but I don't think they see all that many NSX's. Sorry...

Sometimes an NSX is selling for several thousand dollars less than similar cars because it is located in an out-of-the-way place. (Ask Vytas, who bought his car from a seller in North Dakota.) Unfortunately, it makes it more problematic to check out such cars in advance.

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