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Meeyatch1 in Austin for the weekend!!

1 May 2001
Point of No Return
Hey gang! I arrived in Austin last night for the Houston GP that is not actually happening...LOL!! That is what happens when you buy plane tickets WAAAAY in advance. :tongue: :biggrin:

Anyway, if any of the gang would like to grab a bite to eat, I am up for ideas. Ojas probably remembers where my friend Damion lives over in River Place, and that is where I am. Umar....is your car washed? It better be!! :smile:

I am leaving on Monday by the way.
Mitch, you're a weekend late!!!!!! :tongue:
Looks like good weather..
I will be up early tomorrow and scouting out the possibilities. What does everyones schedule look like?

I'm game for whatever/whenever, as well! :cool:

(yes, my NSX is clean... lol! But, that is the least of my concerns at the moment!)
Okay...I am thinking this afternoon may be a good time to grab a snack or a bit of a drive since tomorrow will most likely be rainy. I am in west Austin near 2222 and 620. How does everyones schedule look?
Thanks to Ojas and Umar for coming out to lunch today. It was nice to catch up and see Ojas's Zanardi Edition NSX, and Umar's Friendly Fire Edition NSX. LOL!! :D ;)

Next time we are down here hopefully we can get out for a drive.