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My 3,000th post!

11 March 2007
Yup...even though I'm not a NSX owner anymore I still come by to see what's up.

I'm off enjoying my 1998 993 C4S and spending alot of time on www.rennlist.com as there are mods I'm planning. I love the look of this 993TT so I think I'll order the 19" RUF wheels and a set of coilovers for mine...

Hope everyone is well!

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you will be back in 2015 LOL

you really havent posted in like a year ( atleast it seems ). geez.
I have...I helped out the guys with the Imola Orange Registry (both threads), helped a few on PM's with finding and giving advice on the Imolas for sale etc.

To be honest I find it tough working 12 hour days, commuting between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and tending to my little 2 year old daughter Cielle. But I still try to make the time...

Meh...don't get me wrong Shawn as I do truly have the love for the NSX but I'd hold your breath on the 2015 one. I hate to be skeptical but the Ironman movie car rides on a 91 chassis and uses its interior, the new 2015 display car is probably the same so it begs the question "Is Honda really planning this or was it a rushed reaction to stir up business for other models".

If it was serious it would already have a partial interior in place and chassis and plus the fact Honda has cried wolf before. Their track record is less than stellar.

When Audi announced a new sports car (R8) they did it. When McLaren announced a new sports car (MP4-12C) they did it. When Honda announced their new sports car (NSX version 2) they said "Oh wait but in 3-4 years"...LOL
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Took you long enough...LOL :smile: Glad to see you are still active around here.
Glad to hear from you! Good to know all is well and you're still having fun over there. Hope the family is well and getting bigger soon!
"BAD BOYS BAD BOYS! Whatcha going to do??"
Good choice and welcome to the 3K club!