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Need a reasonable muffler shop

23 February 2003
San Francisco
Hi guys,
I will need a pair of working cats to put on my car. I want to have a muffler shop building the 2 cats from the Magnaflow generic cats. Looks like a easy job if they have jigs. Anyone knows any honest guy? Isn't there someone name Gabriel somewhere?
Yes I 2nd Gabe as he's a good friend of mine and does good work for my cars. Gave is in Milpitas behind the police station :)

Or I know a guy named Randy who's located in Fremont right off the 880 expressway. His shop specializes in old school race Datsuns. He's done some really good welding for my euro m3 clientele. I had them custom fabricate my e46 m3 90mm exhaust tips for me which was quite a masterpiece!

PM me for either shop's contact number.