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Neo's Secret Finally Uncovered!

31 August 2004
Toorak, Melbourne
This is the car Neo has been hiding from all of us here on NSXPrime...

Whilst Neo was inside the Melbourne Motor Show happily snapping away at the HSC... I sneaked out to take some photographs of the car which Neo never wanted revealed on Prime!!

In fact, until today he has been able to keep it under wraps....

SHAME... SHAME.... SHAME... Neo.... :tongue:


  • Neos Car 01.JPG
    Neos Car 01.JPG
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  • Neos Car 02a.JPG
    Neos Car 02a.JPG
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  • Neos Car 03a.JPG
    Neos Car 03a.JPG
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  • Neos Car 04a.JPG
    Neos Car 04a.JPG
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GOTCHA . . . Neo :biggrin:
LOL... you got me AU! :D I thought you meant my other secret.... oh... err.. wait... nothing... forget i posted that. ;)

The amazing this about that car is it only took a paint job to make the car dodge bullets. and WAIT TILL I GET MY HANDS ON AN NSX!!! :eek: :D :D :D

<B>PHOEN$X</B> : ...or a Mazda 'Neo'. :rolleyes:

note: this isn't really my car.... thank God. :D