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NEW: Hot Wheels NSX!

AND....................................another found today at a toy show, total surprise. Think it's current Hot Wheels that hasn't hit the stores in the Midwest yet. Note the chrome red wheels.
nsx 2017 chrome silver.jpg

Here is the latest we've found. Available at Target on a special pricing venue.
NSX-R 2002 JDM Tuners.jpg
Discovered that the new shiny 2017, is a Wal-Mart exclusive, so we can stop looking for it at Target and Meier.
My 2&half year old son received one of those for Christmas from a friend, it was a great surprise. He loves it.

One of them is supposed to be my Christmas present, but I haven't gotten around to opening it yet.
We were hoping to race against each other, but don't know if that'll work (thinking back to the old school days of kiddie R/C cars that would interfere with each other).
Here's the latest treasure
DonNSX 2013 Concept.jpg
Could not help myself. Found this 2018 on ebay, no one else bidding, price was unreal and just had to make an offer. Shown with a LI Blue 02 that we've had for a long time.

NSX 2018 nouvelle blue pearl 2002 long beach blue.jpg
I'm concerned that a post here earlier today has not appeared. Wondering why
Lets try this again, here's the latest find.NSX Alezan 96.jpg
OK gang, here's the latest one we've acquired with it's aging mate. Hot Wheels Series 1 and 2 Mystery cars. Now that they are "loose" and out of the package, they lose value but who cares. Open to enjoy them.
NSX mystery Hot Wheels 1 & 2.jpeg
I had forgotten the first Acura in the mystery series, the HSC Concept in 2013, the 2018 and 19 flank it.
Acura HSC  mystery concept.jpg
This one is old, can't believe what comes to mind, "a golden oldie", must be the Manhattan, but latest acquisition.
NSX gold .jpg
NSX gnu.jpg2 gnu
One more not yet in singles I guess. NSx black 1915.jpg
Here's 3rd try at this post

Nsx2002 power rangers.jpg
Have tried 3 times to get this to post, hoping that this one makes it. One of the latest. There are 2 we're awaiting from Texas, in Red and White from Kroger.
NSX 2017 fast and furious 2020.jpgnsx 2017 chrome silver.jpg

Newest Fast and Furious, not much different but the package and the price $6 vs 0.99, I should be in that business.............
MON BACK to the thread, we aren't far from 50,000 views. Is this a record???? Haven't got another to share, but will as soon as we do.
755 to go to 50,000 views.................................
Whoa, 52 views to go to 50,000. Here's the latest (2) to our collection. Kroger exclusive edition. My son said that he had to really hunt for the red ones.
Kroger exc ed issue.jpg