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NEW: Hot Wheels NSX!

If you're ever looking for NSX HOt Wheels, here's a guy's store on Ebay that has to be the absolute best in customer care.

He's a keeper, and will bend over backwards in helping you. On a 5 point scale, he's a 10. Going to make a lot of kids happy here in the Midwest. Thanks Anthony!

Found on Ebay tonite

I won one of these from the raffle at NSXPO this year.
I like it!
Many thanks to Jimmy P, Vincino of Surplus Goodies on ebay, for supplying us with another grouping of red 90 NSX's reasonably to give to the young kids that look at my car, and are the future of the business, and our hobby.

Also use as "thank you's" to those that have given of themselves to help my family, and ride in the Dragon Lady, a picture with them at the wheel, and one of the red hot wheels with Isaiah 40:31 on the back, makes a powerful statement, I have been told. PTL
Newest ome we've seen

Here's the latest acquisition just yesterday at Wal-Mart. No longer $0.99, the price has just risen by 540%, and I'm sure the profitability exponentially as well.
Don Not letting me upload, we'll try to follow up.
Newest as of yesterday. Trouble with the logging in process, hope this works. Have no idea why it uploads on it's side.
I wish I could find this one...
If you haven't seen this one, get it before they are gone on Amazon. Acura approved and only 3,600 ltd ed. nsx gen2 TSM LA show.JPG
Here's a couple of wheel variations gen 1 and 2, that I had not seen. Comments?hot wheels NSX wheel variations.jpg
Try the first post on page 5 above.
Latest we've found after the 17 / 19 in blue with 5 straight double spoke wheels.Hot wheels NSX 2019 mystery model.jpg
This is in Series 2 of the Mystery Packs.
And Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's another new one. Maisto kit finally!
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Won't let me post the pic. Will try again.
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Here we go. Check it out gang. Looks like a good example of Gen2.. Color is good.
NSX 2018 kit.jpg
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wow only 36 pieces.....even I could put that together...:biggrin:
In the words of Chicken Man, "Welllllllllllllllllllllllll. Here's a new one with an opening rear windscreen, and detailed engine compartment, exhaust set up etc. Nice, but not glued together, had to reassemble after shipment from Japan. Scale, 1/64 NSX opening rear ws.jpg
OK, here's the orange one from the HW multi pack, found on ebay to complete the set of 8 HOt wheels 90's plus a Tomica and a couple of Kysho's, along with a pink 90nsx orange fr 10 pk.jpg
Guess it's time to add an oldie.
NSX LA Autocon.jpg
lol that last one kinda looks like Musk's new pickup...:eek:
Here's a few of the ones we've collected after buying a 1:1.NSX small piece.jpg


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