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NSX in London

17 June 2004
Melbourne, Australia
I have just arrive back in Melbourne, Australia after a quick two weeks in Ireland/London and was waiting for a taxi to take me to Heathrow when I spotted a Sebring silver NSX driving along Cromwell Road in South Kensington at approx.8.30am on Thursday. Registration number was JIOO NSX.....are you on Prime?

This part of London is full of new 6series BMWs, Bentley Coupes and Ferraris and it was so nice to see a 10 year old NSX turn heads when these latest offerings were thick on the ground and considered commonplace.

Are you out there JIOO NSX?
hmmm... I've had the good fortune of spending a few years in London recently. I am in complete agreement w/ you about the over-abundance of affluent motors & exotic sportscars that are prevalent in Greater London, yet once a blue moon a NSX appears and gets ALL the looks... No lie! :cool:

(And when the swank masses ask w/ sheer hypnotic magnetism, "Oh my what is that, a special Ferrari? :eek: ", a look of insolence and indifference becomes rather discernable when they are told it's "oh that's a NSX, it's a Honda." :biggrin: )

I think you'll fare better w/ your query of who may have been the owner of the privately registered Sebring silver NSX on: www.nsxcb.co.uk
Welcome back Mike! No doubt we'll talk soon.

That's absolutely amazing you spotted an NSX in the UK... don't they have as many NSX's as we do per capita?

I'm a very happy and proud owner of a US-spec 1991 Honda (Acura) NSX. I'm with the U.S. services in Germany for another year and am considering selling the car. Could you enlighten me as to what the market is like there in the UK?

The car is clean, but not perfect. It has the stone chips you'd expect as well as some scratches (a screwdriver or key) and a palm-sized dent on the drivers door from another a-hole who must have sideswiped the car in the parking lot. All of this was done while the previous owner had the car. The car is black on black. My plan is/was to get the work done when I return to the US next year.

Engine runs strong, burns no oil, and gets regular Mobil 1. Dali Racing twin-cannister SS exhaust which has an awesome sound. 155k miles. Stock wheels with Dunlop rubber. Koni Yellow adjustable shocks. I've touched 170mph (straight only!) on the Autobahn here in this car. To my knowledge it's never been on the track or abused. Everything works as it should. AC blows very cold and has been converted to R134. I have all service records from my ownership in the last 4 years. Timing belt and water pump service has been done.

Interior is very clean, new perforated leather seats from Northwest Autoleather in Canada (black seats and anthracite seating and door inserts), custom console with Panasonic touchscreen MP3/CD player, passenger footwell sub and Infiniti component speakers in the doors.

To sum up, the car is not a "garage queen" as we call them in America and I've driven it regularly and maintained it as it should be. I realize the miles are high for most prospective owners of this type of car. Would there be any interest for this car in the UK?

Don in Heidelberg