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NSXPrime mentioned in magazine

18 July 2000
gurnee, il, us
A friend of mine gave me a copy of the November issue of Classics & Sportscars (I believe it's a British magazine). There is a good article on how used NSXs are great "supercar bargains."

In one of the paragraphs, NSXPrime was mentioned!!!

Great job Lud! Thanks for keeping such a great site.
we're all famous now WOOOHOOO

me want NSX, me 15, me no have NSX =( but me do 3d art http://members.home.com/mcudich
The website was also mentioned in the 2000 Road & Track "Sports & GT Cars" special issue from this spring. That issue featured a 3-4 page article on the NSX and it's future which quotes several bits of information they found on the site.