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Performance Friction NSX Brake System - JGTC NSX Brakes for your car

7 July 2009
Performance Friction - Forged Monobloc (Multi-pad Caliper) Brake System - FOR THE NSX!:

Performance Friction, the world-renown brake pad and brake system manufacturer is one of the most successful brake companies in the world that no one has heard about (outside of the Motorsports Industry) has made a street application for the NSX.


New from Performance Friction - the new line of Z-Rated brake kits specifically for your NSX! Without question, this brake system is the best on the market and that conclusion comes from years of racing domination, not the marketing desk.

Also, unlike other brands whose street kits have only the nametag in common with their top level racing components, these PFC parts are the real deal that win Championships across the board of top-level professional series Champ Car, ALMS, Rolex, World Challenge, Grand-Am Koni, WTCC, Australian V8 Supercars, etc, etc...

Working with FXMD, Performance Friction (PFC) has taken the data from tire size, vehicle weight distribution, vehicle weight, center of gravity, brake rotor size and thickness, pad swept area, calculated brake forces, from a stock NSX, the testing of the FX750 Unlimited Time Attack car, and the JGTC/Super-GT NSX to come up with an engineered brake system with the best balance for the NSX. This is not just a "Big Brake Kit". PFC went through all of the steps designing this system for the NSX just like they would for a JGTC, ALMS, Daytona Prototype, Australian V8 Supercar, IndyCar, Atlantic, NASCAR, Formula 3 Car, or any other type of racing vehicle they design brake systems for.

THAT's the difference. PFC dosn't use off-the shelf parts slapped together and call it a "BBK" but rather engineer a proper brake system for optimum performance.



-The 4-piston Z31 caliper used in the NSX kit is a Forged Monobloc design
-FEA-created design that optimizes weight while keeping the caliper rigid.
-This unique caliper uses four pads per caliper - one per piston for an incredible bite and the ability to mix pad selection for mixed-use cars.

Piston Size Front: 36.50/41.00
Piston Size Rear: 32.00/32.00


-PFC's newest V2 Direct Drive Rotors.
-Made from a precision casting
-All external surfaces are machined to tolerances of 0.004", including the OD of the vein area that most manufacturers leave rough-cast.
-**This is the only rotor that are mechanically, thermally, and dynamically balanced - meaning you will never warp them because they are balanced in all situations, all temperatures.

Rotor Size Front: 14" (355mm x 32mm) -largest and widest rotor in an NSX system.
Rotor Size Rear: 14" (355mm x 32mm) - largest and widest rotor in an NSX system.

Brake Bias: 60% front / 40% rear

MSRP: $10,000

Actual Price: Because only a handful were made, Email me for more info but the price is $7,995

Email: [email protected] for details.


PFC-Equipped FX Motorsports Development FX750 Unlimited Time Attack NSX:


Here is Performance Friction's 2005 CHAMPIONSHIP WINNING list:

Champcar World Series Drivers Champion – Sebastien Bourdais/ Newman Haas Racing, Second Place – Oriol Servia/ Newman-Haas Racing, Third Place - Justin Wilson/ RuSport, Most Improved Driver – Ronnie Bremer/ Dale Coyne Racing
Super GT - GT500 Drivers Champions - Yuji Tachikawa & Toranosuke Takagi/ Toyota Team Cerumo, Team Champion – Xanavi NISMO Z GT300 Drivers Champions - Kota Sasaki & Tetsuya Yamano/ Team Reckless, Team Champion – Team Reckless MR-S
NASCAR Nextel Cup 8 of 10 in the Chase, Rookie of the Year – Kyle Busch, Hendrick Motorsport NASCAR Busch Series Drivers Champion - Martin Truex, Rookie of the Year - Carl Edwards
Australian V8 Supercar Series Drivers Champion, Team Champion, Manufacturers Champion
Grand Am Rolex Series GT Series Drivers Champion – Craig Stanton/ Synergy Racing, Manufacturers Champion – Porsche
Grand Am Cup Grand Sports Drivers Champion – David Empringham, Manufacturers Champion – Ford, Team Points Champion – Multimatic
British GT Drivers Champions - Andrew Kirkaldy and Nathan Kinch, Teams Champion - Scuderia Ecosse
WTCC Drivers Champion - Andy Priaulx/ RBM, Manufacturers Champion -
BMW European Formula 3 Drivers Champion - Lewis Hamilton/ ASM Motorsports
Formula Atlantic Drivers Champion – Charles Zwolsman, Second Place – Tonis Kasemets, Third Place – Katherine Legge, Rookie of the Year – Charles Zwolsman
C2 Class Drivers Champion – Justin Sofio, Rookie of the Year – Justin Sofio
F3000 Drivers Champion – Luca Filippi/ Fisichella Motorsport
British F3 Drivers Champion - Salvador Duran , P1 Motorsport
Japanese F3 Drivers Champion – J.P. Oliveira, Team Champion – Toyota Team TOMS
Formula Nippon Driver Champion – Satoshi Motoyama, Team Champion – Team Impul Cooper Tires
F-2000 Zetec Drivers Champion – Jay Howard
Cooper Masters Series – Jason Byers
Cooper Gold Cup Series – Ricardo Vassmer, Team Champion – Aiken Racing
SCCA Speed World Challenge GT Drivers Champion – Andy Pilgrim/ Team Cadillac, Second Place – Tommy Archer/ 3R Racing, Third Place - Robin Liddell/ Jon Groom Racing, Manufacturers Champion - Cadillac
AMA Supersport – Tommy Hayden/ Kawasaki Factory Racing GSXR1000
Suzuki Cup - Matt Lynn/ Team Embry
British Superbike Cup - James Buckingham British Superstock - Lee Jackson
British 125 GP - Christian Elkin British Supersport Cup - Gary Johnson
Irish Superbike - Alastair Sealey Superbike Isle of Man TT - John McGuinness Sidecar
Isle of Man TT - Dave Molyneux Sidecar World Championship - Tim & Tristan Reeves
Italian Superbike Championship - N. Brignola Italian Supertwins Championship -
Bentivogli Bathurst 1000 Winners – Todd Kelly/Greg Murphy/ Holden Racing Team HPDC Drivers Champion, Team Champion, Manufacturers Champion BMW Mini WorldChampionship – Martin Maxime
BMW Mini World Final Special Guest Race – Alessandro Zanardi
Britcar 24Hrs of Silverstone Overall - Rollcentre Racing, Production Class - Barwell Motorsport Radical Enduro Series Drivers Champion - Chris Stoney Radical Biduro Series Drivers Champion - Lee Atkins
SCCA National Champions
GT1 – Lew Larimer
GT2 – Duane Davis,
T2 - Chuck Hemmingson,
Formula Atlantic – Graham Rahal,
Formula Continental – Niki Coello,
S2000 - Marc Walker,
Formula Ford – John Robinson,
F Production – Mark Hotchkis,
C Sports Racer – Arnie Loyning
Elf Renault Clio Cup - Jonathan Adam
Elf Renault Clio Winter Cup - Matt Allison/ Boulevard Team Racing
Formula Palmer Audi Drivers Champion - Joe Tandy British Hillclimb Champion – Martin Groves
Irish Tarmac Group N Champion – Garry Jennings, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII
Irish West Coast Tarmac Champion – Subaru S9
WRC Marlboro Masters: Lewis Hamilton/ Team ASM EuroCup
Renault Megane Trophy: Jan Heylen,
Racing For Belgium FIA Cup for Historic Grand Touring Cars,
GTC-65, Bo Warmenius CIVM
Italian Hillclimb Championship Drivers Champion Super Touring Drivers Champion - Alessandro Zanardi,
BMW Ferrari Challenge Scandinavia Trofeo 355 - Alfred Dittberner Mellansvenska långloppsserien,
Class 4 - Jimben Racing MGCC, Roadsport A - Arne Parnheden MGCC,
Roadsport B - Otto Dürholt
Michelin Porsche Challenge Class 1 - Mats Wahlgren, Class 2 - Andreas Zolnir, Class 3 - Erik Woode Nordic Supercar - Mikael Mohlin
Radical Champion - Rikard Bengtsson

Ok i'm tired of sorting them, here's the rest:

RHK Historic, HGT CGT10, 1301-1600cc - Rolf ‘Myggan’ Nilsson Sportvagnsmästerskapet, Modsport III - Mats Hildingsson Swedish Rally Champion, 2WD, Gr A - Per-Arne Sääv Swedish Rally Champion, 2WD, Gr N - Patrik Sandell V de V Modern Endurance Champion - Nigel Greensall & Jonothan Coleman V de V Modern Endurance Team Champion – Team RSR Mitsubishi Evo VIII Cup Netherlands Group N Dutch Rally Champion – Dirk Garvelink Super 1600 Rally Champion – Markus Fahrner/ DMSB Junior Team Seat Leon Supercopa Drivers Champion BMW Mini Cooper Challenge Drivers Champion – Steve Abold Ford Fiesta Cup Drivers Champion Belcar Series Team Champion – Selleslagh Racing Team Corvette BMW Mini Cooper Challenge Drivers Champion – Sébastien Ugeux Super 1600 Rally Drivers Champion – Martin Johansen/ Boisen Motorsport Formula 2 Rally Champion – IK Rally Team Wesbank Series Drivers Champion BMW Mini Cooper Challenge Drivers Champion La Carrera Panamericana Winner - Juan Carlos Sarmiento/Raul Villanueva Studebaker ARCA Drivers Champion - Frank Kimmel Rookie of the Year - Joey Miller Busch North Series Drivers Champion – Andy Santerre NASCAR AutoZone Elite Series Northwest Region Champion – Jeff Jefferson, Southeast Champion – Jeff Fultz, Midwest Champion – Justin Diercks, Southwest Champion - Jim Pettit, II USAR Pro Cup Series National Champion USAR Pro Cup South Series – Shane Huffman USAR Pro Cup North Series – Benny Gordon, ShouldIice Allstar Super Series - Kirk Hooker CASCAR Super Series National Champion – Don Tompson, Rookie of the Year – Tara MacLeod CASCAR Western Series – Kevin Dowler OSCAAR Outlaw Super Late Models – Rob Clarke CASCAR Sportsman Series – Dion Verhoeven Oswego Speedway Race of Champions – Chuck Hossfeldt Dirt Track World Championship - Scott Bloomquist Late Model Knoxville Nationals – Scott Bloomquist North / South Shootout – John Blewett Bowman Gray Stadium (Modified) – Tim Brown Oswego Speedway Race of Champions – Chuck Hossfeldt Oswego Classic – Greg Furlong CRA Super Series – Jeff Lane Main Event Racing Series – Bobby Parsley NASCAR Weekly Racing Series– Peyton Sellers Bailey’s 300 Martinsville Speedway – Timothy Peters

Heard of Performance Friction now?
Any weight savings over the stock 97+ set up and if how much? Thanks!
I've been a huge fan of PFC products for many years!
I recently attained some CAD files of the Performance Friction brake system for the NSX. Here's for all of you who will geek-out like me to this kind of stuff. Enjoy:




The revolutionary and superior PFC "V2" rotor-hat interface used on everything from this NSX kit to the JGTC NSX, ALMS, Champcar, Grand-Am, and more...
Who cares? When can get PFC06s for the OEM rear caliper? :tongue:

Will they be available by spring?

Will PFC ever make a rotor that we can use to replace the rotors on the Brembo GT - ie 328mm x 28?
Last edited:
Who cares? When can get PFC06s for the OEM rear caliper? :tongue:

Will they be available by spring?

Will PFC ever make a rotor that we can use to replace the rotors on the Brembo GT - ie 328mm x 28?
PFC 06 compound are more likely for the OEM front caliper first.

Call them and ask for James, Alex, or Nina and see. The more people inquiring the better :) www.PerformanceFriction.com
I think it's officially $3,995 per axle set, but sold as a front & rear package only.

It's the same price as the famed Brembo "Indy" system while being 1" larger rotors, and a far more advanced (JGTC/Champcar/ALMS) design.

Here are some measurements that Liftnot took when weighing the 14" PFC brakes:

OEM Frt Caliper w/ brackets = 12.4lbs.
PFC Frt Caliper - 7 lbs. + bracket assembly = 8.4lbs. + pads = 10.4lbs - 2lbs

OEM Frt Disk - 13 lbs
PFC Frt Disc - 14.8 lbs. +1.8lbs

Rear Caliper w/ brackets = 11.2 lbs.
PFC Rear Caliper - 7lbs.(no pads) + bracket assembly = 8.2lbs. + pads = 10.2lbs - 1lb

OEM Rear Disk - 13 lbs
PFC Rear Disk - 14.6 lbs +1.6lbs

The net is a 0.4lb gain per side = 0.8lb total.
Still a great looking kit...
Looks great and the calipers appear to be thin enough there should be lots of wheel options, I'm guessing 18" wheels or larger to clear 355mm rotors.