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Question for WW rear spat owners

26 September 2000
How did you secure the edge of the rear spats on the car? I'm talking about the pointed edge on the top of the rear spat that ends at the back before the muffler tips. Mine were holding on for a while but now it seems that the tape isn't holding up. I've seen someone drill a hole to hold it, but I'd rather not drill if there's another way.

Are you guys using any type of "super" glue or something? I'd hate to have the rear spats fall off when I'm driving!

Any help or ideas is appreciated.

I don't have the WW rear spats yet, but plan on getting them this summer when I get my car out of storage.

Could not take them off and retape them??? Or would that be to much work?
What's a spat?
The WW rear spat is the rear ground effect of the WW(Wings West) body kit.

I did take it off and retape it, and I also used an adhesive promoter, but after a while that pointed parts of the rear spat doesn't hold anymore. I was thinking of using some sort of silicone, like the winshield one, but I wanted to see if anyone else had tried another method.

I'll retape it again, but this time I'll look for some super strong double sided tape!

Thanks for the replies