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Russian Audi R8 Flees After Flipping Lada While Drifting

4 August 2000
Atlanta, Georgia USA
A Russian Audi R8 caused an accident the other day after making a high speed U-turn on a business city road. The R8 turned into the opposite direction while the driver did not pay attention to the oncoming traffic.

The German sports car smashed into the side of what looks like an older Lada Samara and knocked the Russian sedan over. While people run to the scene to help the driver of the Russian car, the Audi R8 coupe makes a run for it passing a red light in the process.

The video has a rather interesting side to it, because the camera man is positioned at the correct right angle for the drift scene next to a road you normally never film as a car spotter or local passer. So what is the catch here?

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/rLMpONaOaJg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
That stupid shaking copyright in the frame the entire time gives me a headache.
it probably was their leader after he won the rigged election
What happened to the lada driver?
We don't know yet what happen to the Lada owner but assuming the person video taping was a friend of the R8 driver, I hope they find him soon!
These are my ideas once they find the fleeing driver of the Audi R8:

The Water Torture (Torture)

Drops of Water
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Freezing with water
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Force Drinking
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yeah the camera person seemed in on it but also kinda sick that they didn't run over to help.

but if they ran over and helped we wouldn't have all the footage. Plus there was enough people there helping.
In Soviet Russia.... I can't do it lol. I really hope they're ok.