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shock top nut - how to torque properly?


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15 April 2004
Bear, Delaware
i can't figure any way to get this nut torqued to spec. can't put a torque wrench to it due to need for allen wrench sticking out of the middle. how'd you guys do it? thanks, RJ
Impact Gun.

The other choice is a 14mm crowfoot open end, way easier to use the gun though:).


Yes, but how do you "torque it to spec"?

I'm guessing the factory uses calibrated wrenches...what does the normal NSX'er use?

Torque extension sockets? (I'm thinking I want a set, any recomendations?)
Maybe there is some cool cheap bastard way?

drew/larry -

i just figured out a bastard way. I can take a 5mm socket and cut off the correct allen wrench and insert, which turns it into an allen socket, then use adapters to step it up to my torque wrench size. Hold the nut with an open end wrench or Gearwrench socket (from Craftsman) and apply correct torque that way. Does that make sense? It would've worked great but since my 5mm socket is 1/4" and I stepped it up to 1/2", I broke the 1/4" socket. I may have it torqued more than the factory recommended 22ft lbs, I think, from my impact wrench. However, I may leave it at that for now unless someone tells me it'll hurt something. -RJ
As soon as the nut tightens the entire shock shaft will turn. The nut is a nyloc(if you are using the factory nut), so it will lock fine. I would not apply 600 ft.lbs. of torque with the gun, just lower the torque and run it home. It should take at least 3 seconds:).

If you really want it to exact specs get the crowfoot:).

Yes, so you would have to compensate the setting on the wrench.

Sorry guys you're just being to picky. No mechanic in the field nor I have bothered with a torque wrench on this nut for the shock. It's also especially hard to do since it's a nyloc nut on a shaft that will spin once it starts to bit into the threads. Just spin it on with an air ratchet if you have one that's not set for full torque. The shaft on the shock is plenty strong enough to take over 22 lbs. of torque. If you don't have an air ratchet, then an open ratcheted wrench with the allen to keep the shaft from spinning will work. Just tighten it down very strongly and that will work. I've never seen one fail yet.
Thanks for the help...I wound up doing the impact wrench on the nut and just snugged it down pretty good. My bastard suggestion from above did not work at all.