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Something to be said when its 25 years old

20 March 2004
Took my 97 NSX to be state inspected at my friends shop (nys) . Puts in my plate number ,says something not right ,is this car 25 yrs old ? yea why no more emission inspection just safety , ok. Then three people walk past shop ,is that an NSX ?, had their phones out taking pictures . I told him happens a lot when getting gas or out on the road , gotta love it !
When I have the garage open, people walking by just slow down and stare. Like, everyone- old, young, whatever. And it's not even finished yet!
Yep it is like the yeti or Loch Ness when I take it out....:biggrin:
hmmm come to think about I have big feet......:)
My car came with some really nasty rock chips on the bumper and some peeling clear coat on the front and rear bumpers. Some other blemishes as well, and even with those flaws people have called it "the patina of a well used car" and still give tons of compliments. lol.

They don't say the same thing about the chips on my Civic. :biggrin:
So many people ask me if this is a brand new car. ("It's the new Civic Coupe!")

No doubt about it, the car has aged well. Old vette's look amazing, but no-one is wondering if is a new car. The NSX was well ahead of its time in many respects, the most important in my opinion being:
  1. No chrome. Looking around, chrome has almost vanished from modern cars, probably because it's no longer needed as a protective treatment for steel parts. Plastic can now be cast in colour.
  2. Black trim. This "midnight"/blackout treatment of trim is now a common option for so many manufacturers.
  3. Titanium colour, Dark Grey wheels (especially the Zanardi rims). Except for the ghastly optional chrome rims, most of the wheel colours were ahead of their time.
  4. Aluminum body means no rust to give the car's age away.
  5. Beautiful proportions. Looking at a lot of mid engine cars, it can be challenging to get good proportions. Audi even resorted to distracting colour panels to hide it. The original NSX is perfect and even has a functional trunk.
  6. Black roof/Canopy. Channelling the inner F-15, the blacked out canopy was revolutionary at the time, but now many cars have black roofs, blacked out pillars, or Carbon roofs. Personally, I wish my '95 still had the black roof.
  7. LED brake lights in the spoiler. I'm not sure, but I don't remember many vehicles with this in the early 90's, but it seems common now.

I'm sure other folks could come up with others.

Happy Mother's day!