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Track Days for new car?

29 March 2005
Well Well. I just picked up my new (well to me) 97 NSX. At 17K miles its just broken in and ready to fly. :biggrin:
First run down I-90 to see what it sounds like "on the boil" and I found two seperate radar traps. By the way the brakes work great. My real question is if anyone knows when they have track days up her at Pacific raceways or which groups to contact to get entered.
I haven't been to the track since my SCCA days (Formula Ford, Formula Renault) and I need see if the NSX can get this old timers adrenaline going again. Thanks.
Hi, I have a 91 and I started going to track monthly last year. We are going to have a meeting on this Saturday and I hope we could meet and we can talk more about going to the track together.

The next closest track day, (which I'm planning to attend) will be on Sunday, 4/17. with Alfa Romeo club. I went there with them for 4 times last year, and they are well organized and more important, "Affordable" (they offer half day at half price, which, to me, is perfect.)

Here's the detail of this saturday meet: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?p=428796#post428796

hopefully I'll see you there.