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What Do You Think About Polishing 7-Spoke Wheels?

16 March 2000
Southern CA, USA
I'm thinking about dressing up my 95 NSX-T stock 7-spoke wheels. I understand that chroming is problematic, because it never lasts, particularly in coastal regions. Does anyone have experience with polishing NSX wheels? Are polished wheels difficult to keep looking nice? I can have each one done for about $60. RSVP
I'm very interested in this. My rims have a few scratches from the previous owner that I'd like to lose.

Where did you get the $60 quote? I live in L.A.


Yo Flying Low:

I have no experience with this alloy wheel polishing business, and you are the first to respond to my inquiry at NSX Prime. However, a local San Diego premium quality chroming shop referred me to "Leeanne" at the best wheel polishing shop around: "Elite Wheel" located at 4949 Baltimore Dr., La Mesa, CA (Tel: 619 667-3980). Unfortunately, they have no web site. La Mesa is a city that borders with east San Diego off Interstate 8.

Leeanne said polished wheels turn out looking like they've been chromed. She said that if paint has to be removed from the alloy wheels, a complete polish job will cost $100 per wheel. If the wheels are not painted, the polish job costs $50-60 per wheel. They also offered to mask the "NSX" at the wheel center, or repaint the "NSX" any color if you want.

So far, I have not done business with Elite Wheel, so I have no recommendation. Leeanne said they usually have various wheels on hand to look at too, so I'm planning a trip down there to look. Maybe I'll let you know what I think after I see such wheels for myself. Leeanne also said that they have advice about proper maintance of the polished wheels, and that if they ever get scuffed up or scratched again, they can just repolished them like new.

Obviously, the advantage to polishing a wheel is that you get the "chrome-like, high-end flash look", without risking rusting and pealing that eventually come with chromed wheels. Again, if there is anyone out there with personal experience on this stuff, please let us know what you think. Thanks.
Polishing your wheels is a great but like chrome it can have problems too. I have 20 inch polished billet aluminum rims on my Suburban. I think most polished wheels don't have a clear coat, in fact I'm almost certain they don't. So polished wheels can get scrathed and get a cloudy/oxidized look to them. My friend has HRE wheels on his Integra and because he doesn't maintain them they are oxidized really badly. I try to keep mine out of the rain because water spots seem hard to remove on a polished wheel. But if you have time to polish them then they are great because they look like chrome but don't weigh as much. Another alternative is a new wheel finish thats coming out on certain wheels, its called techchrome. Its a paint that looks like chrome but doesn't have the side affects of chrome. Hope that helps.