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Windshield washers

9 January 2002
Fayetteville, AR
Hey Guys

Can some one post some pictures of the underside of the hood showing the windshield washer hose and a close up of the bottom side if the hood where the washers are on the bottom. My hood had all this removed and looking to see how all the hoses run.

Take a look at page 877 of the .pdf 1991 service manual available on Prime (It's section 20-51 of the paper book if you have it).
I don't ever use my windshield wipers or washers. Just a little Rain X and remove the wipers arms/blades all together.
Just took my wiper arms off a few weeks ago.
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I never even installed the washer jets on my CF hood that I had for a few years.:eek:
Now that I'm back to OEM, I still haven't. Partly because I can't find them in my garage anymore.:frown:
LOL, in almost 2 years of ownership, I have never used my windshield wipers or the jets!
They look so much better without them installed. That was the first thing to go when I got mine.
If it's going to rain it doesn't come out. Weather radar is a wonderful thing

Anyone have pics of their car with the wiper arms off?
Reviving an old thread: Anybody have photos of the windshield washer hose routing along the hood?

I'm trying to figure out what part(s) I need to secure the hose to the hood hinge....the EPC is not clear to me. Currently, my hose is held on with some zip ties and I'd like to make it stock.

/Seems Photobucket is trying to marginalize themselves.
Yes, thank you.

I cannot tell what I am missing. Is it #16 or #17 ?

The hinge also has a rolled edge and maybe the hose is routed through that?

Maybe I'm just making it difficult.

A photo might help.
BTW, the hose is not routed in the tube, it is clipped to it. There are actually 4 different clips. #17 ,18,19,20