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CV joint needed, need supplier...

25 August 2007
Beirut, Lebanon
Hello everyone, im in need of a CV joint for my 97' NSX-T but could not manage to find it online. So i would love it if someone could help me find one and if not can anyone tell me how much it will cost approx ?? thx for ur help!
Contact "m3456y" here at NSXPrime for the people that have the best prices on overhauled C/Vs.
Maybe he'll post their name so all can see it. I'm sure he has posted it before but this question seems to be coming up alot lately.

I recall you just cut out the old CV and replace the new one pretty easy as it is "open" on one side and slips right over .. :confused:

If only! Axle must be pulled out. After the axle is out, you must disassemble the CV joint. There is a process to do this and it must be done right or your joints won't articulate properly.

There was a write up in the NSX Driver magazine awhile back. I have a copy but am not allowed to post it due to copyright laws. See if you can borrow the issue from someone near. It contains a step by step, easy to follow guide on changing the CV boots. It's actually pretty easy, just a bit messy.
There is a boot that is simple and easy to slip on. I've heard of members using one that has some sort of special adhesive and another one using little nuts and bolts. Both with great success. However, the BEST method is by axle removal, which is a total pain in the ass. My chest, arms and shoulders ached so bad that night I couldn't sleep.

I agree that Ray Laks Acura is the place. JR is the man. I ordered a CV joint from him quite some time ago. It was a small mixup, but things got sorted out and was due to just bad luck.

I have now ordrered $700+ of stuff from JR to have the timing belt done.

JR is "out" this week, but will be 100% next week. He will also send a couple of bags of skittles with my order when he is back next week :biggrin: