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Glowing review in Evo magazine - UK

did anyone notice he thought the handling on our Gen 1 was extremely overrated?

Yes, I did noticed it immediately.
As for the rest of the article, I think it could have been longer. I am also missing a part about the track-mode of the new NSX.
From other reviews I read, that supposedly turns the street-car into a track-car with crazy shifts.
First of all, thanks for posting the article. Of interesting note, it's the first performance numbers I've seen (2.9 seconds 0 to 60).

My point was he sounded like quite the McLaren fanboy in a car that has been purposely tuned down to be pretty tame. If he's over exaggerating there (for whatever reason), there may be some of that here as well…

Thanks for clarifying. I'm relieved as knowing what I do of Chris Harris, I know there is no exaggeration from him about any of his reviews for any reason other than what he perceives to be the truth. A very close friend of mine has worked with him on many occasions and has nothing but praise for his neutrality.

Remember, this is the guy who was shunned by ferrari for his views, when everyone else was afraid of losing their privileged invite to ferrari releases, he put his integrity first.

It's because of this, that when he writes his opinion, I believe it that that is what I am reading, rather than a third party mouth piece for the relevant manufacturer's marketing department.

If he likes the 570s, it's for a very good reason. He acknowledged it was tuned down in terms of power, but he also described it as handling like it was tiptoes, making it incredible fun to drive, but not necessarily the fastest way around a track. I don't see any issue with that.

His was the only review I was concerned about, and if he sees strong foundations, I'm hugely encouraged.
Wow .. that was a great review from Chris! Many comments were similar to the ones he made about the 918 in his now-famous F1-LaF-918 test .. ie. it belies its weight; front torque steer straightens out the track experience; etc. He even directly suggests its a 'baby 918'. Great read.
Tks Adamantium!

Baby 918. I can see Chris Harris saying "Wowser!"
This was the first thing that I've seen that quotes specific performance numbers. It says: 2.9s 0-60 and top speed electronically limited to 191mph.
does anyone need to go any faster on public roads?:biggrin:
Top speed numbers of modern cars seem largely ridiculous to me and, candidly, unsafe. There are people who will do 150+ on public roads and that's just straight up unwise here in the US. I really want my rich neighbor to be able to tool down the interstate at 180+ when I might be out driving too? Maybe not.

But as far as launching goes: No law against acceleration. (That I know of.) So faster's always better. 2.9 is fast. Depending on whether or not that's a conservative number or an aggressive number, the NSX is either right on top of the 991 911 Turbo S, or a little slower and competitive with the "basically the same price" 991 911 Turbo. (Porsche being historically conservative in their marketing literature.)

I was just surprised to see published numbers. I'd assumed performance data was still embargoed and this remains the only source I've seen that had a published 0-60 time and a top speed.
I was cited for excessive acceleration in my Alfa Romeo back in the 80's in a public park in NY......so that does exist on the books:redface:
Please ... folks ... continue to argue that driving an NSX with the pedal down is illegal. It's helpful. (joke, laugh)