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Lexus LFA vs Acura NSX -- MotorTrend

20 February 2000
I know most people don't go to every single section of NSXPrime forums.
Can't remember the last time I went to Detailing or Tires&Wheels.
I say that hoping a mod doesn't delete this post so that the Off Topic guys can see this video and maybe even discuss it...

I'll link to the Prime Video forums post:

Very nice. You exit the video thinking - This guy knows how I feel every time I drive my NSX. I'd still like to put an LFA through some paces though.
A new 1000-hp Lexus LFA is coming soon as per the media reports from the automobile industry. The successor of this iconic sports car will be propelled by a hybrid powertrain that could produce precisely up to 937 horsepower. (Image Source: Motowag) Image Source: Motowag
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Ojas has both, although he returned his NSX back to stock after many years with a Comtech turbo (as I remember).
Two different cars he has commented.

When I drive my wife’s QX-60 with all the driver aids, it is like sitting on the couch.