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NSX in May AutoWeek

30 December 2000
They still love the car ...

In the May, 2001 issue of AutoWeek, page 13, they state, "Take a drive in Acura's NSX, and you'll never believe the car turned 10 late last year. Okay, so maybe those antique flip-up headlamps - no HIDs there - instrument panel and switchgear, like little crow's feet, give away its age. But its engine, with 91hp per liter specific output from a normally aspirated mill, its perfect ergonomics behind the wheel and its dead-nuts-on steering and handling are halmarks of a car ahead of its time. Then and now. Few cars inspire as much driving joy, even if that joy only comes from being seen behind the wheel of a none-too-often-glimpsed exotic. Some accuse NSX, like many Japanese techno-marvels, of lacking a soul. If precision driving, valve lifters screaming away behind the ears, is a soulless endeavor, we'll gladly be damned".

What do you think?
I think I'll gladly be damned, too.
Hey, I like those "antique flip-up headlights". And even without HID lights, the projection lamps are still pretty good, IMHO.

I wish Acura would simply add HID lights to the current design and not switch to the current fashion of exposed swoopy curvy lights.

Instrument panel and switchgear, like little crow's feet ??? Huh???

I can't say I ever looked at the instrument panel and thought there were problems. There are things I would like to add...like a built-in H.U.D. The unit in the C5 Vettes are very nice indeed. Perhaps some additional electronics like trip computer, g-force meter, etc...

Oh...The switchgear is EXCELLENT. No problems there.

The other comments are right on the money.


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Love the pop up lights.......and how come nobody ever downs Corvette for these lights? HMMMMM ..Why does Corvette still do it if they are so outdated? I love 'em. And they are not outdated, they are clean and classy on don't stick way up like fiero, miata etc.. that's the outdated look.

Todd Arnold

Hey Jimbo,

Nice meeting you in Vegas, sorry I was a little too preoccupied with the booth to spend much time away... great show for us, how was it for you?

Back onto the topic (more or less) - as someone who has been driving interstates across states at nights for many many years on many many cars (for sales or female reasons <g>), I have to say the NSX's headlights on a dark road are worse than even a Saturn!

Even at 50 I felt I was outrunning the lights, and whenever possible I'd trail a Chevy or Oldsmobile in hopes of guidance. Not kidding.

On a lighter, anecdotal note - there is a newer interstate that crosses Florida east to west - about 100 miles of perfectly straight, nothing but the indian "alligator wrestling, gas, coffee and showers" at the 50 mile midway...

Once I was driving my Porsche back home at about midnight - again, total dark, middle of nowhere, and a shower of FROGS start hitting me - could see them through the headlights and they looked like rain. Imagine hundreds (maybe thousands?) of *frogs* hitting your windshield (and rest of the car) for a mile or two at 80+ mph!

I later found out that there is some kind of yearly exodus and I happened to intersect their full moon, but geez - wipers and windshield fluid could not really handle it, and the barbecue flesh smell coming from the front radiator for the next 50 miles was something else!

Anyway, not sure what my point it other than I am really surprised that a 2000 NSX has such crappy beams.
I want to be damned!!

NetViper -= looking to get an NSX before I turn 26! =- Didn't make 25 :(
I'm with NetViper. I can't wait to get my NSX!

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NSX coming soon! :)