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Official Prime "Where are they now" thread....

Been here since the very dawn of Prime. No interruption. Resisting FB. Still own two gen1 cars but both have been "appropriated"; the 92 by my son and the 97CT by my wife! I am in in my 70's and don't like to argue. Will get my revenge when I get my NC1šŸ˜‰

Nice slideshow. Your wife has a very clean car!:smile: Always liked those rims on the NSX.
This is an interesting thread, to see some of the "Old" Prime Names are still on Prime, perhaps not posting as much, however this is still the best site for anything NSX.
I have been on Prime for 16 + years and still visit on a daily basis.

I just realized this March will mark my 20yrs being a member here. I think we all had a lot more hair back then.
3 more days till my 19'th anniversary of official join date.....
Really interesting how many long-time owners there are. We were all so lucky to see, buy and continue to appreciate such a great car -- and I've owned more than a couple of great marques that couldn't (and still can't) hold a candle to the NSX.
I move back and forth between FB and Prime. I usually take a look at least once a day. This site and the people here have been invaluable to my ownership experience. I have been here since 2000, but for some reason I had to re-up and couldn't combine my accounts.
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Wow coming back here is nostalgic. I don't even remember how to use the forum functions properly. Miss a lot of the guys.
Wow look who the cat dragged back in...:eek::tongue:

Don't be a stranger.
Woah... cool seeing so many familiar names on here... oh and congrats on the NYS Supreme Court! So what does that get all of us btw?

I'm about to transition into my 4th NSX... didn't see that coming. Can't be healthy nor wise.
HaHa that was funny!!!!
welcome back to the big doggy!
In a very small enclosure....lol
Wow! Lot's of old school guys here. Happy to say to while the my posting and traffic has died down, my love of the car and community has not.

Hoping the NC1 will carry the torch so to speak. Campaigning for "Make Prime Great Again" 2022.
doing my once a year drop in. Still talk almost daily to some of the people I met on this site in the early days. Sold my NSX when my second kid was born, #1 is driving now (doing AutoX with me in his Mini. Also took it to an HPDE @ Palmer last year), #2 has her permit. So it was my turn again. Would love to be back in an NSX but not at these prices. Sat on a waitlist for a year for an MSRP C8 instead. Did the black top as an homage to the NSX. Just got back from Ron Fellows Spring Mountain C8 Performance driving school, so time to sign the C8 up for some HPDEs.

I hate the Corvette stereotype, so I debadged it (even had custom center caps made with the logo from the German prog metal band Vanden Plas, not pictured). Around here, there are still quite a lot of people that don't know what it is. This is my first American car since 1987 (Dodge Daytona Shelby Z)

c8 david photo.jpg
Clip2Net DropZone_220617010409.jpg
Screenshot 2022-04-09 185926.jpg
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LMAO! Armando bought the dress from me years ago though!

Speaking of blasts from the past, I wonder where he is? Always loved his NSX. Great dude.