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Run spacers on stock NA2 rims for more width?

15 October 2003
West coast!
Well it looks like it's gonna be 3 months till my new rims get here so in the mean time was thinking about doing something with my stock 04 rims.

Thinking of doing a powder coat in glossy gun-metal and using some spacers to give the car a wider stance.

My questions:

1) What is the max width spacers I can use front / rear?

2) Do I need longer studs or what is the safe spacer to run without swapping out studs?

3) Anyone here have done this and can post some pics/personal comments?

25mm h&r spacers w/intergrated studs front and rear.

you'll need to look for pics of ariel's (amgnsx) yellow car since he never comes out to meets anymore. :p
I have an 05 with the stock wheels lowered slightly with the bilstein shocks and stock springs on lower perch.

I did the h&r 25mm adapter in the rear. (bolt on).. due to not wanting to change the studs in the rear (which wold be required with a 15 mm or larger spacer. In my opinion the 25mm spacer in the rear of an 02-05 car with OEM wheels is too much. (ie the tire is now just slightly too far out). Ideally i think you would want 20mm in the rear max. (so i'm now looking to see if i can machine down the 25mm adapter by 5mm.. but the issue then will be that the stock studs may hit the inside of the rear wheel mounting surface)

in the front i did the 15mm adapters and longer studs. in my opnion for the front this is perfect. also if you try 25mm in the front your car will hit the fender liners on the outside going over curbs at low speed.

i don't have pics yet as i just did this over the last few days.

honda really missed the boat or i simply don't understand what they were thinking on the stock wheels offsets. the wheels (like on your car) look very wimpy and ruin the look of the car being so tucked in. On my other nsx (the avatar) i ordered volk ce 28s (hipad 17/ 18) and they are definately the better way to go (perfect offset) versus all this screwing around with spacers with the stock wheels, but i'm trying to keep this 05 nsx as stock as possible and only fix the glaring factory problems (ride height, offset and exhaust) and not rebuild the car, like i did with the other one.
good luck