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Sad news for guys who bought your NSX as a chick magnet

I believe it! GF wants a Ford Escape Hybrid if we return to Canada...

But interesting that this challenge is happening when GM is trying to push its new "environmentally friendly" SUV's...Coincidence?
Just read the article so let me be the first to call BS on this :biggrin:

First of all, we all know that sports cars like the NSX (or any other exotic car for that matter) attracts the attention of men and especially young men at least twenty times more than that of women.
And usually, when women do show any interest, you better beware because they're not interested in the car but more for what it (might) stands for.

But all that doesn't mean that this so-called challenge survey holds any value in real life.

Fuel- efficient -- The new chick magnet? Close to nine in 10 women (88 percent) say they’d rather chat up someone with the latest fuel-efficient car versus the latest sports car.

So, tell me, anyone of you, whenever you start talking to a girl or lady in any kind of bar, restaurant, wherever, does she start by asking you what kind of car your drive??

How to win friends and influence people. Eighty percent of American car buyers would find someone with the latest model fuel-efficient car more interesting to talk to at a party than someone with the latest model sports car.

I am not sure about you guys, but whenever I am into a kind of car discussion, it is cars we are talking about and not about the guy driving it.

Not green?That’s a fashion don’t. More than four out of 10 (45 percent) 18-43 year-olds say it’s a fashion faux-pas nowadays to have a car that is not green or environmentally friendly.

So, honestly, tell me, how many discussions have you had talking about the greenliness of your car?
How many people do you know who have tested or modified their car to make it 'greener' and then got their car in to measure it's CO2-emission level.

Project roadway. More than seven in 10 (73 percent) car buyers say if there were a reality TV show like “Project Runway” that was not about fashion design, but instead about designing the best-looking fuel-efficient and emissions-free car, they’d definitely watch.

And what if it would be about the worst-looking fuel-efficient and emissions-free car, they’d definitely watch?
Potential g/f are not interested in the car itself BUT much more the money, house, swimming pool and Bacardi feeling life they assume behind.
Potential g/f are not interested in the car itself BUT much more the money, house, swimming pool and Bacardi feeling life they assume behind.

Not sure on the Bacardi but a real g/f keeper is one who does not care what car you drive but rather see if you have the rest of your life in order.

Owning ANY exotic or nice car BUT living in an apartment, renting or living with parents is a big no no...hahaha

Women like cars with more room for the crap they buy, hence SUV's. They now want fuel efficient so they save money on gas and buy even more crap. :wink: :tongue: :biggrin:

Better run away with flame suit before women see this post... :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :wink:
Yes, I also think it is BS.
Within minutes my NSX always attracts lots of pussy.
I have always had extraordinary success with it.

Sometimes I think it is the reason I bought the car.

Especially when it is warm. I park it in my driveway and one of my pussies tracks footprint all over it within minutes! Then the other comes and lots of cute little pussy cat footprints are all over my car.

The girls think it is really sexy. As they roll over with delight, they give that soft cute purring sound as they let me caress them as they lay on the roof. Their pleasurable noises increase to a climax as I caress them along their tummies and they stretch their legs out in submission as they enjoy the sublime feel of lying on the sleek sexy lines of the NSX.

One of them just lies back and enjoys it.

The other pussy is kinda frisky and together we have discovered new and exciting positions, like when I press her between the trunk and the sensuous rear wing of the NSX. She enjoys it sooo much but always lands on her feet on the ground after a prolonged push over edge of the trunk and the rear taillights.

Sometimes they slide down the sexy sharply raked NSX windscreen, they leave cute little parallel muddy skid marks all the way down.

Then my dog joins in and sniffs the wheels. She likes that.
Last time I was on a NSX trip with the guys in Belgium, we were all parked at a café. The only dog within 1 kilometer came along and pissed on my wheel. Didn’t piss on any of the other guy’s wheels. No. Only mine. It’s the sexiness of my car, you see.

So the NSX is attractive, no question about it.:rolleyes:
Hmm, since there are way more men admireres than women, would it be considered a "dick magnet"?:confused: :biggrin:
Last I checked the NSX was a dude magnet.
I guess my bicycle is a real chick magnet. Infinite mpg.:biggrin: Highly efficient.
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@710: What are you talking about? :tongue: :D No wonder the dog did that as you attract a lot of pussies (= cats) :wink:
I think this one could be a hit with all crowds:

@710: What are you talking about? :tongue: :D No wonder the dog did that as you attract a lot of pussies (= cats) :wink:

Hahahaha (slaps knee)…yeah. Not as funny as MY post! Haha.:rolleyes:

And that dog chose MY car over the other NSXes because my car is always the dirtiest.
That dog had class. My kind of dog, yup.

I wash my car at least once every year. I really don’t know what all the other Dutch and Belgian NSX guys are laughing about. I really don’t know!:tongue:
If that pole is anywhere near correct (chick magnet not withstanding) How come you can't buy a GT-R, any Ferrari, Corvette ZR1, Audi RS8 or any new really fast expensive car for list price or even find one without waiting in line.

That I can tell, those with money don't care about gas prices or being green when it comes to cars. Otherwise these cars would be sitting at the dealers right now collecting dust.

Green is just the current American Bandwagon that the majority of moo cow Americans hop onto. Now I am not saying that being good to our planet by lowering or eliminating emissions and saving resources is a bad thing, it is just that so many people just jump aboard the next great cause. And after a while, a new cause comes along and they move on to it........Steve
I have only had 4 women really gawk at my car in the 2 years that I have owned it. One owns a GSR...and a Black NSX is her dream car. I gave her a ride in mine and she was pretty thrilled.

Chicks that dig cars are very attractive to me.
I have received many compliments from females about the car.....I think it just depends where you are from...California has a pretty big car scene....but a lot of people still don't know what the NSX is and get confused with the H from my JDM taillights.

I agree with Big D, it is very attractive when a girl is into cars and who appreciates and understands what a work of art the NSX is.
My wife prefers us going places in her civic than the NSX.:rolleyes: She is "not" into cars, period. If I had an Enzo, she could care less.
Women do not care about NSX's guys do.
NSX's are for 100% damn sure chick magnets.
Unfortunately, the poles are reversed.
Do you always believe everything you read or hear ?

Generally in public, people tend to say nice things about others and the environment so as to be viewed as caring righteous humans. In private, they could careless about fuel efficient vehicles. If they have the money, most would still buy gas guzzling SUVs or fast sexy sports cars or both. It's an illness really. A very addictive incurable mental illness. One which most if not all of us here at NSXPrime have. Fast sexy sports cars like the NSX will always be a magnet for chicks and guys. Trust me I'm a doctor.
The first mistake of that article is that if you want to know what is a chick magnet, YOU DON'T ASK A CHICK.

Seriously, when was the last time what a woman said and what she really meant were the same thing?! These geniuses are polling chix in this article?! why don't they poll people with Alzheimers about the kinds of things they forget.

Cars are not chick magnets. Kids, puppies, and bank accounts are chick magnets (bank accounts ensure the survival of the kids and puppies). A car just points to the bank account so it's nothing more than a chick-compass. When they ask what that low slung sexy thing is you are driving, they have most likely changed the channel before you can say the "da" in "Honda".... your only shot may be that they may somehow associate (wrongly) Honda dependability with your dependablity. It's a stretch, but I've done it.
My wife prefers us going places in her civic than the NSX.:rolleyes: She is "not" into cars, period. If I had an Enzo, she could care less.

I understand that and thats great for you, but theres nothing wrong when a female shares the same enthusiasm as a guy does as in cars.:rolleyes:
I am not talking about superficially being into cars for status wise and neither is Big D. We are simply stating that it is cool when they can share the same hobby as we do and be into the NSX or cars as we are.

As for a chick magnet I don't think it is either nor do I care......I do agree guys are more into the car than girls overall.
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No, not a chick magnet. However, my last gf is obsessed with the idea of us having sex in it..... still. Is there enough room???? lol Seriously.....

Oh another thing to support that the nsx is not a chick magnet. There is this girl in my college class. We've been txting on occasion, having lunch, etc. Then on graduation night friday, she sees me rolling by leaving the parking lot after graduation. She says, holy shit, I didn't know you drove a car like that. Since then......... I haven't heard back.