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Unobtanium spare parts

26 October 2023
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Hello, I am a new member of NSX Prime. I recently started to do my research on the first gen NSX in hopes of buying the car and shipping it within a year. I would like to ask the community about spare parts that are incredibly difficult to get and avoid car offers that has them damaged.
OEM Windshield is expensive, it's still available, but may take a long time to actually get. It's expensive to ship because of it's size and how fragile it is. Acurapartsforless.com list it as $1800 local pick up only. It's like $2600 retail at the dealer. In the States aftermarket windshield is pretty cheap (Safelite $400?). The rear hatch glass is also hard to find, but I imagine most cars you'll find won't have any damage to the rear glass.

I don't believe the OEM radio is fixable and it's very expensive to replace with a new OEM one ($2700?). Dead radios are pretty common as the cars are all pretty old now. If you want OEM then make sure it works. There are good aftermarket OEM looking options though (Willmans, SOS, etc).

For the body the front fenders, rear quarter panels, and bumpers are still available though shipping times maybe slow. The hood, doors, and maybe trunk are going to be hard to find new and expensive. So keep that in mind if you find a car with some body damage.
If its OEM parts the list is pretty long. The OEM catalytic converters are no longer available. OEM windshields are out of stock in the US but for $$$$$ and a long wait on a cargo ship you might get one from Japan, likewise the side windows glass are unavail. OEM drive shafts and the inner and outer CV Joints are unavailable. Almost all the original MFG interior appearance items are out of production, center consoles, seat covers, sidesill kick pads, door outlet vents, etc. You definitely want to make sure the ABS system is working OK, repairing or replacing a faulty ABS system is non trivial. If its a 95/96, which were hybrids transitioning between the early OBDI cars and OBDII in the NA2, then make sure there are not ECU errors for those electronics are pure unobtanium.
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Spark plug coils are difficult to find. It's not impossible, but it will take some hunting and waiting.

Water from washing or rain will slide down the rear glass hatch. The water enters through the rear vent and land on top of the rear facing valve covers. If the gaskets are bad, water can enter and sit around the coils. Mine had rust problems and caused some misfires.
>You can get a full set of 95+ coils

@MotorMouth93 Do those coils require a taller coil cover? If so, they appear to be NLA.

I have a taller cover I was considering scanning and CNC'ing but it won't be cheap.

(I just seem to never get around to the projects that I want to do...instead, I'm doing construction and building maintenance.)