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Unreliable Luxury Cars -Forbes.com


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12 August 2003
Austin, Republic of Texas
hmmm... Something interesting I came across while making my rounds online:

Unreliable Luxury Cars
By Dan Lienert

Unreliable Luxury Cars -Forbes.com (page1)

Unreliable Luxury Cars -Forbes.com (page2)

There is also a slide-show of the 14 most unreliable luxury cars.

View the slide show of 14 Unreliable Luxury Cars

- BMW 5_series
- BMW 7_series
- Mercedes Benz CLK
- Mercedes Benz E-class
- Mercedes Benz S-class
- Mercedes Benz SL
- Jaguar S-Type
- Jaguar X-Type
- Land Rover Freelander
- Saab 9-3
- Porsche Cayenne
- Volkswagen Touareg
- Volvo XC90
- Lincoln Navigator

Suprisingly, it wasn't all that shocking to see how some of the prestigious marques have languished in quality & reliability over the years w/ some of their models. BMW and Mercedes Benz have increased the number of models they offer, and being global premium brands they more-or-less have to produce automobiles spec'd to each particular market based on govt, environmental, and consumer requirments. Oh yea, also a thing called max' profit too, hehe... Achtung!

I was surprised though to see that there was not a single Japanese luxury car on the list! Also, the mother-of-all-unreliable luxury car for generations- the Jaguar XJ-series (perhaps even XK) was absent from the list. GM can find some solace as Cadillac didn't have a single model dubbed as unreliable. For those who think the uber-electronics and teutonic-wizardly of the German luxury cars is their weakness, Audi, VW's premium division which is rather tech-savvy as well was omitted from the list.