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Visiting Sac


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11 August 2009
Will be back in my old childhood stomping grounds next week for a few weeks. Usually from Florin to the Elk Grove area. If anyone wants to meet up or if there's a meet/drive, feel free to PM or reply. I'll be just randomly cruising around anyway. Usually doing the starbuck thing but I'm up for other beverages too:smile:. Wouldn't mind venturing out a little bit. Last time I visited, I took the S2K and went on a couple 20-30 car drive which was cool.

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You just missed the last NSXCA meeting so the next one isn't until 5/29. There might be a coffee meet coming up in the next week or so. I'll try to post the details here if it happens.
There WILL be a coffee meet. I'm tired of them being rained out and our monthly meetings are always on my busiest work day. It WILL happen at Arden or Calvine starbucks. Hell, we can even do it this thursday if everyone is up for it.
Thanks for the invite. But i got a wedding this whole weekend n Dublin is a little too far for me to get back in time. Definitely in for the coffee meet next week. I'll try to check back a little more frequent.

Thanks Rick n enjoy the rain for me lol
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