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w/ video, finally bought my NSX...


27 February 2011
Los Angeles, CA
g'day boys and girls. after a year and a half of trying i've finally purchased the manual red/tan NSX which has eluded me for so long.

the first to get away was a '91 red/ivory with 82k miles in North Carolina, that i wasn't able to get to before a very mean and inconsiderate buyer snatched it up. the second was a '96 red/tan with 56k miles in Maryland that the owner decided he just couldn't part with after i flew there and had the car PPIed. third time lucky was a '96 red/tan in Denver, Colorado with 40k miles.

the original plan after i flew there to see the car was to ship it back to Florida if i bought it. but after being afforded as part of my hour+ testdrive, a brief but spirited jaunt in the mountains by my overly generous and very accommodating consignment dealer, i decided there was no possible way i wasn't coming back to the fabulous state of Colorado to enjoy this amazing car in this amazing place. it simply wouldn’t be possible for me to not return to Colorado and send this car back to the land of the straight and boring without driving it in the land of the elevated and twisty. therefor i flew back to Colorado and wandered around this outdoor paradise with no particular place to go, and no particular time to be there.

i have included a picture of the car, as i know you blokes do like pictures. why only one you ask? a fantastic question indeed? well, i thought i'd do one better, and since my trusty GoPro camera was along for the ride, why not stick it in a few places to document all the fun?

My first week with my dream car:


p.s. i am a professional, and all filming was performed on a closed course under controlled conditions

p.s.s. that last part is not entirely factual
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Congrats! :)
Way cool fastaussie! Totally bitchin car and video. Looks like you had a blast. Makes me want to go for a drive.

the second was a '96 red/tan with 56k miles in Maryland that the owner decided he just couldn't part with after i flew there and had the car PPIed.

this one might have been my old car... I remember seeing the owners ad sometime last year.
Sixth best color combo IMO. :wink:

Congrats and welcome.....I do agree with Captain that it is the 6th best color with Black being number one. ahem :wink::biggrin:
I am soooo jealous! The car looks fantastic and the video shows some of this countries most beautiful scenery. Congrats and enjoy the car!
Congratulations! I wasn't expecting video with your ownership intro thread, but that was totally awesome! :biggrin: Way to set the bar for future new owners. :tongue:

So you purchased the car, flew home, and then flew back to Colorado to drive the car around the local twisties? :eek: Is the car in FL now? If so, did you drive it or have it shipped there?

P.S., I think you may have just sold a bunch of people on this year's NSXPO. :D
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Thats an amazing video...and immaculate car. 2:50 was perfect. Congrats on the car and can't wait to see it when you bring it back to Atlanta.
Congrats! Thanks for sharing that video. I've driven in Colorado. It's spectacular country. Enjoy your NSX.
Fantastic video - glad you stuck to your guns and waited to find the color combo you wanted! Looks like the car is in excellent condition - a beauty. Happy Motoring! Jay
That was incredible!!! You've got some skills! Loved the video!!!

I really have to reconsider about going to NSXPO...Colorado is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Congratulations on your wonderful video, you can provide guidance on hardware and camera support? I wish you much happiness with your beautiful NSX:smile:
Great Video!
This is like the NSXPO2012 intro video. Tough to say no to NSXPO after watching that.

See you all in Colorado!
Very cool and well done video.

Welcome and congrats!
thanx heaps fellas, glad you liked the video. made it mostly for myself, but i thought you blokes would appreciate it.

as far as the NSXPO goes, the dealership hosting the event, Flatirons Acura, actually did the PPI on the car, and the resultant TB/WP service amoung other things. if you're looking for superb roads to drive and ridiculous scenery, well i couldn't recommend a better place. some of the video was shot less than 15 minutes from that dealership.

i'm very happy with my car, it was definitely worth waiting it out. it's in as new condition as any i've ever seen. bone stock, 40k miles, and now fully serviced and freshly tyred. the only thing for me to do is put a set of stock NA2 headers on the car and replace all the Acura badging with proper Honda stuff. already have an airbag on the way from Australia as we speak. i haven't decided how i feel about the chromed stock wheels yet either, but that's not paramount at this time. i really just want to hear that VTEC screaming again as soon as!

thanx to so many of you for your advice previous to this purchase, and very glad to be a member of the club. my recommendation, everyone buy their cars in Colorado from now on, and then drive the s**t out of them for at least a week...

p.s. like the Ducati's in my garage, the car has got to be red!