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2002+ NSX CF Lip

$600 for a front lip from a manufacturing known to make mediocre CF parts, sold through a company without NSX knowledge, that is desitine to break from driving...

Go OEM, less than $100 bucks...
I think it's time you stepped up to a vented model and plumb the vents into your brake ducts because you're no longer a track virgin. :D

How'd the calipers hold up?
From the details section of their page about this lip... :confused::confused:

2002-2007 Acura NSX 2dr Techno R Carbon Fiber Front Lip. ViS Carbon Fiber Hoods are made from the finest carbon fiber available. Each hood is protected with a UV coating which allows the hood to hold its high gloss finish. All our carbon fiber hoods are Grade A and above. ViS Carbon Fiber Hoods have a tight car
Is your jp lip destroyed? You can't have a shop repair it?

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^ I may have it repaired and repainted. I haven't really taken a good look. My buddy took it home with it since he had a bigger vehicle. Just a small crack (1") on a corner. But, the holes were stripped... probably can make it work with bigger washers....

If you decide to sell it I may be interested lol

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